Ananda: Andhra thalis in a traditional ambience

Vishnu Kompella

Guest Post by : Vishnu Kompella

Vishnu is well known in the local foodie circles in Hyderabad as a person who has vast knowledge of street food in Hyderabad. He is one of the top reviewers of Zomato for Hyderabad, and a regular participant in the various food meets organized by the foodie clubs here.

The word Ananda describes moments of bliss and happiness in life. A perfect feast with delicious food is also bliss. Ananda is the name of a newly opened south Indian restaurant in Film Nagar. It’s all about the experience and joy of feasting and relishing the flavors of Andhra.

Ananda restaurant Hyderabad

The restaurant is tucked inside a lane beside Sony showroom near MLA colony, Jubilee hills. The first impression it gives you is that of a home of wealthy rural gentry. The stunning traditional ambience of the house is perfect for a restaurant and provides a unique backdrop for an Andhra meal.
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The Launch of Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Khan Market

With the success of Soda Bottle Opener Wala in DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, the Parsi cafe style restaurant under Mr. A.D. Singh's banner has opened yet another outlet in Khan Market much to the delight of the South Delhi residents. Invited for the launch party, the experience was simply phenomenal as we got to taste some authentic Parsi dishes while enjoying The Last Parsi - A Stand Up Special by Danesh Irani.

Nankhatai Jars
The Nankhatai Jars, characteristic of Soda Bottle Opener Wala

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Shanghai Chef 2, Gachibowli: New additions to the menu

Shanghai Chef 2 has introduced a range of new items to their menu. These have been included after studying in detail the feedback of current frequenters as well as looking at delicacies from Thai, Malay and other South East Asian food items which will enrich their current offerings. The new items include starters as well as main course. I had the opportunity of attending a tasting session for these new items on the menu.

Shanghai Chef2 seafood roll #hyderabad
Seafood Roll

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The New Tulsi Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea from Paper Boat Drinks

A big box from Paper Boat Drinks was delivered to our doorsteps a few days back. On opening the package we discovered a reusable jute bag. Inside there were pouches of two new drinks from Hector Beverages – both based on tea.

Paper Boat Drinks Tea #paperboatdrinks
The Two New Flavours

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Caffe Tonino - A Twist to the Tuscan Style

After completing a successful 10 years in M.G. Road, Tonino owners Parmeet Singh and Simran Sawhney unveiled a new Italian cafe themed extension in Connaught Place, Caffe Tonino, which will be more of an economical hangout spot rather than a fine-dine one. With renowned executive chef Suman Sharma overlooking both the restaurants, the cafe will serve quintessentially Italian cuisine with a twist of continental flavours to suit the palate of the young Delhi crowd.

Caffe Tonino

The place is exquisitely designed with long winding staircases, voids and arches to create a romantic but a chirpy Tuscan ambience. Though it retains the no-nonsense setting of the fine-dine restaurant, the cafe has giant glass windows overlooking the road, where one can sit and leisurely sip a cup of coffee, describing its cafe concept. The white brick walls, which sharply contrast the wooden polished furniture, are adorned with quotations from movies as well as picture frames showcasing the remarkable Italian architecture.

Caffe Tonino
Caffe Tonino

Invited for a blogger's table a few days before the launch, Executive Chef Suman Sharma's special tasting menu consisted of a mix of Italian delights as well juicy American burgers and delicious desserts. We started off with the drinks first; though the cafe hasn't got its bar license yet, they serve some delightfully refreshing mocktails and aromatic cups of coffee. The Beet's Beauty was my personal favourite; not only is it healthy but also tastes better than most of the other healthy products.

Caffe Tonino Entrée

For most Indians, Italian cuisine directly translates to pizzas. Caffe Tonino, like its parent restaurant serves some mean wood fired pizzas. The cafe uses a white wood-fired oven, in which the pizza remains clean from ash, while retaining the smoky flavour which is loved by all. Laden with cheese and meat, the thin crust is stable representing a proportionate ratio between the base and the toppings. Their pizza sandwiches too are great and come with a good filling in between which counters the dryness of the crust.

Caffe Tonino Woodfired Pizza
Woodfired Pizza

Though the Tenderloin Burger served was a bit smaller than what I expected, it was pretty filling and juicy, with the meat patty inside retaining the flavour and taste of the sauce, the mark of a good burger. There is also a similar burger in the chicken and vegetarian variety and although I didn't try it, the dish was quite well received.

Caffe Tonino

The meal concluded with desserts, the Arabian Honey Cake and the Tiramisu. Rich with a honey caramel and almond topping, the Arabian Honey Cake is a middle eastern pastry and was made to perfection while the Tiramisu was thick, creamy and had a sublime coffee essence.

Meal for two persons – Rs 1500/-

Address : PVR Plaza Building,
1st Floor, H Block ,
Opposite The Raymond Shop
Connaught Place, Delhi

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Farzi Cafe - A Molecular Gastronomical Experience

A lavish place opened by the father-son duo of Jiggs and Zorawar Kalra, Farzi Cafe introduces the concept of Molecular Gastronomy in India, made famous by scientists Nicholas Kurti and Herve This. Though the use of science in food industry has been somewhat limited till now, it has yielded some surprisingly good results. Spherification, using of carbon dioxide, foams and liquid nitrogen can not only dramatically change a dish's appearance but can also change the flavour and texture. The name farzi means 'fake' and is an apt pun on their use of molecular gastronomy.

Farzi Cafe Interiors
Farzi Interiors

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Smoked Biryani House

Smoked Biryani House, a restaurant which has recently opened under the TAB (The Ancient Barbecue) banner, primarily serves the Hyderabadi cuisine, specializing in their dum style biryani. The two-floored restaurant is well lit and beautifully decorated with posters of short Hyderabadi limericks, photos of various places in Hyderabad and a wall sized photo of Osman Ali Khan of the Asaf Jah dynasty, the last Nizam of Hyderabad.

Smoked Biryani House
Smoked Biryani House by TAB

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My Sweet Store: Bengali Sweets from Kolkata Delivered at your doorsteps

A few years back, Pista House started delivering the Hyderabad’s own haleem all over India by courier. At that time, my wife, who is a huge fan of Bengali mishti wondered if Kolkata sweet shops will be enterprising enough to deliver their sweets in a similar way to all over India.

This year has answered to the prayers of millions of fans of Bengali sweets. Now the best Bengali sweets from iconic sweet shops from Kolkata can be ordered on the web and delivered at your doorstep within a couple of days.

Balaram Mullick Jalbhara Sandesh
Jalbhara Sandesh from Balaram Mullick

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Mexican Fiesta at Hard Rock Cafe

Come September, every year, Hard Rock Cafe at Hyderabad unveils their annual event ‘Mexican Fiesta’.  The festival celebrating Mexican food and culture is celebrated for the entire month of September. As a part of the celebrations, a few food bloggers were invited to taste the offerings and provide their feedback.

Cactus Flower Tequila Hard Rock Cafe
Cactus Flower Tequila Shot
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The Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch at Prego, The Westin

Sunday brunches have become extremely popular among the citizens of Hyderabad. After a hectic week and possibly a late night on Saturday, for many Hyderabadis, brunch is usually the first meal on Sunday. Prego, the Italian restaurant of Westin is one of the favorite destinations for the food lovers on a Sunday afternoon.

Prego bubbalicious brunch
Bubbalicious at Prego

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