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The California Boulevard : A Taste of Hollywood

A two floored restaurant, next to the Rajouri Garden metro station, The California Boulevard welcomes you with open arms in a grand style with red carpets and the Walk of Fame. Set after the iconic American landmark of Hollywood, they have a Harley Davidson put on display at the entrance, which has become a great photo spot for all the restaurant goers. Invited to taste their wonderful menu, Chef Karen prepared select dishes from the 11 different cuisines that they serve.

The California Boulevard Interiors
The California Boulevard Interiors
Photo Courtesy - The California Boulevard

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Oh Calcutta: All about Maach, Mishti & more.....

For people who may not be familiar with the name, Oh Calcutta is possibly the most well known Bengali restaurant chain in India, with its presence in almost all major Indian cities. In Hyderabad, Oh Calcutta operates from very close to my residence in Begumpet.  As a result it has become a regular haunt for me whenever I feel like trying special Bengali recipes.

Oh Calcutta Begumpet
Oh Calcutta Begumpet

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Breakfast at Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest areas of Delhi. Though it was traditionally built as a traders market, with merchants selling their wares during the ancient Mughal period, over centuries it has also turned into a foodie's paradise. Housing many famous eateries like Natraj’s Dahi Bhalle, Chaina Ram and Paranthewali Gali - a street lined with parantha shops, it is mighty close to the kebab joints near Jama Masjid and thus formed an ideal location for a food walk.

Chandni Chowk
Puris being fried at Chandni Chowk

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Street Food at Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Vishnu Kompella
Guest Post by : Vishnu Kompella

Vishnu is well known in the local foodie circles in Hyderabad as a person who has vast knowledge of street food in Hyderabad. He is one of the top reviewers of Zomato for Hyderabad, and a regular participant in the various food meets organized by the foodie clubs here.

KPHB or Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, a suburb, is one of the fast growing locations in Hyderabad and has the highest number of apartments in Asia. The place is generally inhabited by the population from Seemandhra region and you will find various types of food, some of which are generally unavailable in other parts of Telangana and Hyderabad. Though KPHB has several food outlets starting from bandis to 3 star and 4 star restaurants, the people here have a lot of interest in the street food. This has resulted in mushrooming of many street bandis and introduction of several new items for the street food lovers of this area. Here is a glimpse of some of the few notable food joints which attracts huge followers throughout the week. Whenever you are passing by these places, stop and just enjoy the real taste of street food.

Chicken BBQ at Shekar's Kukatpally
The Chicken BBQ at Shekar's
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Uruka – Assamese cuisine in Hyderabad

As far as my knowledge goes, Hyderabad did not have any restaurant serving cuisine from North East India. I have tried the cuisine of the seven sisters in bits and pieces at various places and whatever I have had so far impressed me a lot. So when I saw a Facebook page announcing a new home based chef serving Assamese cuisine called Uruka, I was simply overjoyed.

The Assamese Spread at Hyderabad Uruka
The Assamese spread

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