Caribbean Sagas at Novotel, Hyderabad Airport

The islands from the Caribbean region are known for their stews, grilled meats, coconut based dishes and jerk spices. Their food habits are a confluence of British, Dutch, Creole and African tastes with the South American palate, and as a result, we really have an exciting range of cuisines which differ within the region from country to country and even island to island. Perhaps for the first time, The Novotel Hyderabad Airport brings Caribbean Sagas, a festival showcasing Caribbean cuisine in Hyderabad.

Lamb Shanks

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Bengali Rannaghor at Taj Deccan

2017 can be termed the year of Bengali food promotions in Hyderabad. Until October itself, we have already seen about a dozen Bengali festivals in the city. So when I was informed that Taj Deccan is organizing another Bengali promotion, I must admit that I was not super excited. Still, I am not someone to miss a good Bengali meal, so on a Wednesday evening, I was at Spice Junxion attending a bloggers’ table.

Luchi Kosha Mangsho

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Ulavacharu Brings its Telugu Delicacies to Gachibowli

Ulavacharu is one of the highly rated restaurants for Telugu cuisine in Hyderabad and is credited with popularizing the cuisine among the food lovers in the twin cities. The name of the restaurant comes from a very popular horse gram dish. The restaurant’s range of pulavs such as Raju Gari Pulav and Pachi Mirchi Kodi Pulav have become must-have dishes to anyone who loves the local fare. Credited with many innovations with their recipes, the restaurant is a popular destination even for tourists visiting the city.


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