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All about Kababs at Kabab Stories, Hyderabad

Kababs are possibly among the most favourite dishes of any non-vegetarian food lover in India. The origin of the word is from ‘Kebob’ in Arabic which means charred. Folklore says that kebabs were the fast cooked food of hunters, where chunks of hunted meat and fat were skewered on a sword and rubbed with rock salt and then charred over firewood. This group of dishes, which often has marinated and skewered meat grilled, roasted or even pan-fried are enjoyed all over the Mediterranean countries, Middle-East as well as South and South-East Asia.  The meat, spices, marinades as well as the methods of preparation differ based on local tastes.


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Treats from Mumbai Streets at Courtyard by Marriott

Mumbai is one of the best places for street food in India. The chaats at Chowpatty beach, the meat delicacies at Mohammed Ali Road are some of the well-known street food, but there are many other non-descript locations in every nook and corner of the metro which serve some delightful local food. “Treats from Mumbai”, a promotion of street food at Momo CafĂ©, the all-day dining restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott plays a tribute to this.

The Street Food Carts at Courtyard by Marriott

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Three New Microbreweries in Hyderabad

A microbrewery is usually a pub which brews its own beer, often only a few varieties and in limited quantities. Often such places are known for their few boutique varieties of beer. The concept started from London in the 1970s and it has taken its time to travel to other countries.

The Hoppery

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Ramzan Diaries in Hyderabad: Three Restaurants with Interesting Iftar Menus

In Hyderabad, a large number of restaurants have special offerings during the Holy month of Ramzan. While most of the places serve the oft-repeated local food, hallmarks of some of these iftar dinners are carefully designed menus, signature preparations and bringing recipes not so well-known to the fore. This post talks about three places where one can visit with family for a different kind of experience during Ramzan.

Gyarah Handi Haleem

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Haleem Trail: Green Park Hotel, Begumpet

Green Park Hotel is one of the places in Hyderabad which serves haleem round the year as part of their Midnight Biryani buffet. However during Ramzan, the hotel puts up a stall in their campus, selling Iftar food from evening till 10 pm. Apart from haleem, biryani and desserts are also available for takeaway.

The Haleem 

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Ramzan Food Walk in Bangalore: Masjid-E-Eidgah Bilal and Tilaknagar

During the holy month of Ramzan, many areas in Bangalore turn into a non-vegetarian food lover’s delight in the evenings. Catering to the people breaking their fasts after the Iftar prayers, a large number of temporary stalls come up, especially near the Masjids. Apart from Mosque Road and Shivajinagar, a large number of stalls also come up near Masjid-E-Eidgah Bilal on Bannerghatta Road, and the Tilaknagar Mosque close by.

Phal Seekh Tilaknagar
Phal and Seekh Kabas are in demand during Ramzan

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