Must-try Restaurants in Kalimpong: Gompus & Za Khang

When we were planning to visit Kalimpong, I had asked around for food recommendations there. A restaurant named Gompus featured on everyone's list. Be it, Doma Wang, the restaurateur from Kolkata who is originally from Kalimpong, or Indrajit Lahiri (in his blog all were unequivocally recommending this place.

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Seeking Kanchenjunga around Kalimpong, Part 2: Rishop, Kolakham and Morgan House

Continued from: Deolo Hills and Lava

The hills around Lava shields us from a clear view of the majestic Kanchenjunga range. That view is supposed to be best from Rishop our next destination. Late morning, we hired a local vehicle from the Taxi association to take us to Rishop, the highest point (8500 ft) of our trip. A shortcut from Lava to Rishop is an extremely steep ride through boulder roads, but we preferred it to the other route which takes about an hour extra. As we climbed up to Rishop, the mountains seemed to have suddenly come alive, and the majestic peaks were visible around every bend.

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