A Traveler’s Food Diary: Kumaoni Cuisine at Munsiyari

I had been planning to visit Munsiyari in Uttarakhand for quite some time. A few years back we had traveled up to Chaukori but could not continue on to Munsiyari due to bad roads and landslides. As the sleepy hamlet in the heartlands of Kumaon is known for its scenic view of the Panchachuli peaks, a repeat trip was planned just to visit this place.

The Sleepy Town of Munsiyari

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Tuscany Brings Together Cuisines from Rome and Paris

The culinary team at The Trident Hyderabad comes up with niche food festivals at regular intervals. Their latest promotion at Tuscany, their Italian restaurant, is called “Rome meets Paris” presenting an array of delicacies from the famed French and Italian cuisines.

Whereas Hyderabad has quite a few restaurants offering Italian food, both in the fine dine and casual dine category, there are not many offering French food. Bouchon at Jubilee Hills, which is the only one I can remember, unfortunately shut down within a year. So, when I was invited for this promotion I was keener about the French offerings from Chef Manik’s team.

Paris Meets Rome Tuscany

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Khuwar Amez Louk, the Assamese Pop-up at Marriott

Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre have been organizing some great food pop-ups recently, showcasing states whose food is delicious but not much talked about. After the very successful Himachali festival, it is now the turn of Assamese food. Chef Kashmiri Barkakati Nath from Guwahati has been specially brought to Hyderabad to curate the promotion at Bidri, the Indian restaurant at the Marriott. The festival is aptly named “Khuwar Amez Louk” which means “Enjoy the Flavours of the Food”.

Assamese Thali
The Assamese Thali 

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Chicha’s: Showcasing the Diversity of Hyderabadi Khana

Normally I desist from visiting a restaurant as soon as it is opened. But for Chicha’s I had to make an exception. The new place for Hyderabadi food at Masab Tank was creating a lot of buzz in the social media, and soon I was hearing the question “Have you been to Chicha’s?” about three times in a week. What I was told is that the restaurant is serving a bouquet of Hyderabadi food, beyond the ubiquitous biryani. Not able to control my curiosity I landed up at this place close to Mahavir Hospital with two of my food lover friends.

Malai Paya
Malai Paya available only on Fridaya

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Zaika-E-Ramzan: A Sumptuous Iftar Feast

It has been about a year since Hyderabad House was taken over by a new management led by Mr. Khalil Ahmed. Since then,  they have come up with innovative promotions like Hyderabadi Shaadi-Ka-Khana which have been delightfully lapped up by the food lovers of Hyderabad. The most popular of these initiative has definitely been Zaika-E-Ramzan, a month-long food festival serving a wide range of Iftar delicacies under the same roof.

Zaika-E-Ramzan spread
Part of the Huge Spread at Zaika-E-Ramzan

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Quick Bytes: Aromas of Thailand at Oriental Bar and Kitchen

The Pop-Up Kitchen Series being organized by Park Hyatt has created quite a buzz among the food lovers in Hyderabad. Every month, Oriental Bar & Kitchen, the Pan-Asian restaurant here, has introduced different flavours of oriental food curated by guest chefs. For the last dimension of this series, the restaurant is showcasing Thai cuisine, through a promotion aptly called Aromas of Thailand.

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Jashn-E-Hyderabad: Hyderabadi delicacies at United Kitchens of India

United Kitchens of India at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad has made quite a name for itself for its diverse cuisine. The place offers delicacies from six states of India including Bengal, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Recently UKI had organized a Bengali food festival which was a super success. Now, the restaurant is hosting “Jashn-E-Hyderabad”, a special promotion of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Seekh Kabab
Seekh Kababs

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