Andaman Travelogue, Part 2: Havelock & Neil Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands consist of more than seven hundred islands of various sizes, out of which only few dozen are inhabited. Of these, the most well-known tourist destinations are Havelock and Neil Islands. We had kept three days in our itinerary for visiting these two places, based on the feedback from our travel agent. We started off on this tour from Port Blair on the third day of our stay in Andamans. ( Also Read; Port Blair)

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Andaman Travelogue, Part 1: In and Around Port Blair

The Union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is possibly the remotest part of the country. You need to fly a couple of hours over the Bay of Bengal to reach these isles. I had been to Port Blair more than a quarter-century ago and remembered it as a pristine location with scenic beaches. So, when I got the opportunity to visit on a group tour with my friends, I did not take any time to say yes.

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Wine Tasting Event for the Best Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux in southwest France is hailed as the wine capital of the world.  The largest vineyards of the country are located in this region producing some of the best wines of the world.

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Mohammed Ali Road Ki Masti at Barbeque Nation

Mohammed Ali Road is a popular destination in Mumbai which is known all over the country for some of the traditionally delicious street food which is available there.  From biryani, kababs and nihari, to firni, malpua and mawa jalebis, there are about a dozen iconic items which are not to be missed during a food walk in this locality.

Live Counter Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation, the nationally popular casual buffet restaurant chain has brought the delicacies from MA Road at a special promotion MA Road Ki Masti, which is currently on in Hyderabad. The promotion is part of the usual buffet and there is no additional charge for the same apart from the usual buffet rates. While the spread includes quite a few delicacies from the Bhendi Bazar area where this road is located, overall I also found a bias towards Mughlai food in the spread offered at this promotion, compared to the usual fare at the restaurant.

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The New Indian Night Buffet at Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli

Deori, the Indian restaurant at Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli is reborn in a new avatar. The restaurant now has a new look with fresh interiors reflecting the old Indian experience. The menu collection has been revamped with a perfect blend of North and South Indian recipes, with select dishes from states like Himachal which are usually ignored on the Indian culinary map. Old Indian favourites including varieties of pickles and mithais have been taken up for showcasing. And to top it all, the restaurant which is open only for dinner has introduced an Indian buffet presenting these well-researched dishes.

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