Park Hyatt Hyderabad Unveils New Menus at Its Restaurants

After the last two dark  years for the F&B industry, things have finally started to look up. The diners have started returning to the restaurants in large numbers. We have all missed the dine-in experiences for a significant period and look forward to some exciting fares in the ensuing days.

Park Hyatt Hyderabad has really geared up to provide their guests the top-of-the class experiences for the last few years. Among the new initiatives taken post-pandemic are the revamped menu in two of the restaurants – Rika, serving oriental fare and Treforni, the Italian restaurant which is one of my most favourite places in the city.

Rika, the Pan-Asian fine dine restaurant has augmented its offerings through a new and expanded Chinese menu. This is apart from the signature oriental dishes which are already very popular. 

Chef Yozuo Han from China House at Grand Hyatt Mumbai in collaboration with Chef Krishna Rana at Rika has curated the new menu items offering about thirty delicacies. The menu has a special emphasis on authentic Chinese dishes with a little bias towards Szechuan food.

I had the opportunity to taste quite a few of the newly introduced dishes. Duck Breast with Red Green Bell Pepper was something that was extraordinary. Quick Fried Prawns Tossed in Sauce, Szechuan style Fried Fish, Mushroom laden Moon Fan Rice and Claypot Vegetarian Crispy Noodles were some other dishes I loved. Among the varieties of Dimsums served, Crystal Spicy as well as Edamame and Wasabi ones stood out. As usual, Rika has maintained its highest standards in its new menu.The food is quite different from the Indo-Chinese that is available 

Deviating a bit from the new menu, Rika is also known for its signature cocktails. Five Elements, a cocktail with Jack Daniels, vermouth and bitters is something I can wholeheartedly recommend. 

Another jewel in Park Hyatt Hyderabad’s crown is Treforni its Italian restaurant. Though the city has a handful of Italian restaurants even in the fine dine space, Treforni has always been known as a place which serves traditional food from different regions of Italy. However, this time it has come in with a new menu where a little contemporary touch is added to the traditional dishes especially in presentation.

Chef Daniele Macioce, Chef de Cuisine at the restaurant along with Executive Chef Hameed Farook are the main architects behind this menu. One highlight is the introduction of Pinsa, a handmade soft and light Rome style pizza with truffle shavings sprinkled at the table itself. Rigatoni Cacio E Pepe is augmented by Vodka flambing. Food enthusiasts love table theatrics, and many of the dishes demonstrate interesting work in this area.

My top dish from the new menu is Stinco Di Agnello (Slow cooked lamb shanks served with risotto), which scored both in presentation and taste. Cannelloni Di Parmigiano, where the pasta is stuffed with ricotta on a bed of parmesan is another dish that is not to be missed. The Bottoni iwas delightfully presented. Desserts include among others big chunks of Tiramisu as well as Crostata Di Arance (Orange Tart with chocolate and sorbet).

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