The Foodie Groups of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams has traditionally been home to a large number of food lovers. From the famed Nizami cuisine to the hot and spicy Andhra fare, the Hyderabadis love their food and discussions related to it.

Foodies Hyderabad
Foodies meet at Ebony Hotel - Pics Rahul Basu

Over the last year, Facebook has seen the emergence of two strong food based groups on Facebook– “ Hyderabad Foodies Club” and “Foodies In Hyderabad”. With a member strength running into thousands, the groups serve as platforms for vibrant discussions on different cuisines, their availability in the twin cities, new restaurants in town as well as recipes.

The organizers constantly look at conceptualizing innovating events to cater to their members. Every weekend, foodie meets are organized by them in different corners of the city – it can be for trying out a new restaurant, a food walk, a potluck or a special menu in existing restaurants, where the chef chips in to explain his preparation to the foodies. The dedication of the organizers is noteworthy and they try to make each and every foodie comfortable during a meet, providing a great experience. The groups also serve as portals where you can get ideas of good places to organize an office get together.

Hyderabad Foodies
Foodies meet at Chef Inam's steak House - Pics Rahul Basu

The interest generated by the foodie groups has drawn most of the restaurants closer to them. The owners of popular restaurants, caterers and dessert makers are now members of these groups and participate actively in the discussions by sharing information regarding their offerings, menu changes as well as special offers. The restaurateurs can also be seen addressing the complaints that foodies  post, thus establishing a decent feedback mechanism.

In addition to this, a group of enthusiastic restaurant reviewers share their experiences in these groups or popular portals like Burrp, Zomato or Timescity. Though the reviewers are not expert food critics, their reviews provide an interesting perspective on which restaurants to visit and what to order or avoid there. The portals also benefit as they crowdsource most of their content. However lately there is a tendency to take the portal reviews more seriously than those of established critics which may be a little dangerous at times.

Foodies Hyderabad

In a nutshell, the foodie groups have brought in a refreshing change to the food scenario in Hyderabad. An element of healthy competition between the two groups ensures that the members tend to get really pampered by the best deals. If you are a Hyderabadi food lover, it is imperative that you be a member of these groups as they have a lot to offer and will make your food journey a lot more interesting!


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  2. I also wish this group focuses on using their strength for changing the food should be tasty and palatable but should also be healthy, seasonal, light ....junk food, high calorie food, high sugar food and greasy food is causing more harm than we can imagine...since we eat out more often than we used potential is as important as palatability and price points....only large groups like this can bring about this revolution!

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