Universal Bakers - Asli Hyderabadi Burgers

This is a place which invariably brings back fond memories to any of the old Hyderabadi food lovers. A landmark in M.G Road Secunderabad for the last 30 years, and near Liberty X Roads, for two decades now, they are synonymous with the asli Hyderabadi burgers. As was the case fifteen years ago, it is still virtually impossible to get a place here in the peak hours despite the rapid onslaughts of McDonalds and Dominos on the country.

Chicken Burger Universal Bakers
Chicken Burger

The burgers here, have no patty inside. Instead you have a layer of thick shredded or minced meat, tomatoes and onions in melted cheese and lots of mayo. The buns too, are fresh and soft. Affordable at Rs 60, one burger with a cold drink is normally enough for a meal. And the size still remains as huge as the time when I used to buy them for Rs 20.

Chicken Cheese Burger Universal Bakers
Inside a Chicken Cheese Burger

Their pizzas are also in demand – tomato cheese pizzas, regular chicken and chicken tikka pizza to name a few. Are they authentic? "They are authentic Hyderabadi pizzas" a regular customer informs. Abundant cheese, fresh vegetables and a soft pizza base are their hallmarks.

Cheese Tomato Pizza Universal Bakers
Cheese Tomato Pizza

Try their chicken sandwiches with a spicy, chicken, capsicum and mayo filling. Also available are vegetable, grilled chicken and cheese sandwiches.

Chicken Sandwich Universal Bakers
Chicken Sandwich

The puffs  – egg, veg or chicken are again very affordable – 2 for Rs 25. A huge favorite of college students or salesmen dropping in for a quick bite. Other short eats are the Hyderabadi mutton, paneer and veg samosas, spring rolls, kathi rolls and cutlets. A special mention to their tasty and delicious butter chicken rolls.

Puffs and Samosas Universal Bakers
Puffs and Samosas

Their variety in desserts often leaves customers awe-struck. Chocolate pastries and plum cakes are their specialities. It is a favorite place for middle class Hyderabadis to order their birthday cakes; a recent change being that cakes are also available  in eggless versions.

Cakes and Pastries Universal Bakers
Cakes and Pastries

Though some people complain about service and hygiene aspects here, the huge footfalls every day show how Hyderabad still loves this grand old eatery. For me and many other Hyderabadis, the grand old place has still not lost its charm even one bit.

Universal Bakers, Himayatnagar
3-6-12, Al Samad Complex, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad
Tel : 23221779

Universal Bakery and Restaurant, Secunderabad
Near Chermas Store, M.G. Road
Tel : 27844089


  1. This looks like great quality & value for money :) Hungry seeing the tempting pics! :)

  2. I may wrong but personally I feel that Vacs at Tirmulgherry & King and Cardinal at Himayath Nagar are far better than Universal both in taste and service. Universal is loosing their old valued customer due to lack of taste, customer service and rude behaviour.

  3. ho i remeber hogging here after those shopping trips to general bazar!

  4. Pls unse recipe pooch k do.. craving badly for these