The Haleem Trail

In Hyderabad, a large section of the food lover population waits patiently for the Holy month of Ramzan, with a totally different perspective. The famous Hyderabadi Haleem, is widely available only during this month. The well-known Haleem outlets in town compete with each other to prepare the most admired haleem in town. In the evenings crowds throng these places and jostle with one another for tasting this dish. (Also See: Three restaurants with a special Iftar menu)

Foodaholix Haleem Hyderabad

For the  Ramzan season, Foodaholix brings Haleem Trail - a series of short reviews of the places serving Haleem in Hyderabad over the last few years.


  1. You gave Pista House a miss . Why so?

    1. Id is still 2 weeks away... so there is time. The series is not complete.. keep an eye here.