Outback Bar and Grill

Outback Bar and Grill is an open air restaurant inside Leisure Inn, a luxury boutique hotel, located quite close to the famous Sector 14 market in Gurgaon. Invited to sample their new menu offerings, we reached the place at around 8pm to find the large courtyard wonderfully decorated with artistic lanterns on each table and large cushioned sofas. The big old Maragosa tree which forms an integral part of the setting was decked with at least a thousand tiny lights like it was Diwali. As it was summer, the staff had also placed fans which sprayed water all over the place, limiting the temperature to a certain extent. However, we still felt that the place was extremely hot and was not suited to the summer conditions of Delhi.

Photo Courtesy - Outback Bar and Grill

On reaching the place, we had a nice little chat with the executive chef Abhishek Mathur who explained the innovative fusion concept that they are trying to incorporate. Pairing dishes with others of different cuisines, the chef had come up with some brand new dishes like Chicken Tikka with French herbs, Pepper Fish Satay served with mayo and peanut sauce, Dal Qureshi and Mutton Halwa.

Dal Quraishi at Outback Bar and Grill
Dal Quraishi

We started off with the Mango and Lime Mojito, which combined the twist of raw mango with lime, mint and vodka creating a fantastic cocktail. The alcohol-flavour balance was perfect too and had us ordering the same for a second time.

Mango and Lime Mojito
Mango and Lime Mojito

Being a bengali, I tend to be picky about how the fish is made and so, am often disappointed by fish preparations. However, the tamarind essence in the Imli ki Machhi gravy along with the curry leaves reminded me of the South Indian Andhra pulusu (curry) which I absolutely love. Though I felt that the Imli overpowered the fish a bit too much, the tangy taste with each bite made me go gaga for it.

Imli Ki Machhi
Photo Courtesy - Outback Bar and Grill

Another dish which deserves a mention is the Gosht Beliram. The dish originated in Punjab before partition and chef Beliram had taken great care in making it thick and rich with a smoky flavour. The Gosht Beliram at Outback was also similar but the meat wasn't juicy enough as it was a bit undercooked.

Gosht Beliram at Outback Bar and Grill
Gosht Beliram

For desserts we had the Pan Kulfi and the Mutton Halwa. Pan Kulfi made an excellent combo with the rabdi which they had served and will be loved by all pan aficionados. The Mutton Halwa was something new for me; finely ground mutton was used to make a sweet halwa and is almost indistinguishable unless specially mentioned.

Pan Kulfi with Rabdi
Photo Courtesy - Outback Bar and Grill

Meal for two persons – Rs 2000/-

Address : Leisure Inn, West Gurgaon,
17/6 Old Delhi Gurgaon Road,
Sector 14, Gurgaon 122001

Telephone : 0124 4931100


  1. Nice review Soumabha... it was good catching up with you there. I agree with you that this place would be much better in the cooler season... Imli fish curry was my favs too.

  2. Yes, I totally agree with you Shalini, the place will be much cooler in the winters and will be fantastic for watching live matches due to the big screen.

  3. Simply awesome. Just checked some of your pictures on Zomato.com as well, and they all are saying great things about this place. I would definitely try it once. :)