The Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch at Prego, The Westin

Sunday brunches have become extremely popular among the citizens of Hyderabad. After a hectic week and possibly a late night on Saturday, for many Hyderabadis, brunch is usually the first meal on Sunday. Prego, the Italian restaurant of Westin is one of the favorite destinations for the food lovers on a Sunday afternoon.

Prego bubbalicious brunch
Bubbalicious at Prego

The brunch at Prego is called The Bubbalicious Brunch. The name stems from the fact that the brunch is a casual, friendly affair for fun loving people. Sparkling wine is served as part of the brunch and the fun and frolic at the swimming pool just adds to the revelry.

Unfortunately, due to the rain, the open air al fresco seating was closed and all the customers were being accommodated inside. As we went in, the first things that caught our attention was the dessert buffet to our right. We were fortunate to get a place just next to a window sized glass wall overlooking the rain drenched open space and the swimming pool. The décor of the restaurant is casual and no frill with wooden furniture and an open layout.

Seafood prego westin
The Seafood Action Station

The specialty of this brunch is that it offers an extensive range of only Italian cuisine, unlike most of the other popular brunches in the city which are mostly multi-cuisine. On a long counter on one side, the antipasties are laid out. Next to it is the salad bar and the cold cuts. The action station has seafood and meat of your choice – ranging from cuttlefish, prawns, cod and lobster. You can choose the seafood you wish to have and ask the chef in the open kitchen just behind to rustle it up with the sauces of your choice. On the opposite side of the restaurant is the soup station with various types of in-house breads nicely arranged next to it. The bar serving a wide range of liquor is near the entrance next to the dessert counter.

Antipasti Prego Westin
The Antipasties

As we made ourselves comfortable, we were served our drinks. My wife went for an orange shake and I opted for some sparkling wine. Soon the soups arrived. The Green Peas and Mint Soup was thick and had a strong flavor of fresh vegetables. The Chicken Broth was light and tasty. The Garlic and Herbed bread served alongside went famously with the soup.

Mixed Seafood Prego Westin
Mixed Seafood

At the antipasti counter the range was really huge. I liked the Grilled Prawn and Crushed Peas, Cuttle fish served with pears and the Parmesan Flan. Apart from that there was a tomato caprese, and a salad of spinach, mushroom and chick peas. The Sous Tenderloin with Balsamic Onions and veggies and the chicken and pork salamis were the pick of the cold cut counter.

Prawns with Garlic and Herbs Prego Westin
Prawns with garlic and herbs

We moved to the action station, and requested the Chef to prepare some seafood with his favorite sauces. Soon, prawns sautéed in a garlic and herb based sauce arrived on our table. The prawns were soft and fresh and the sauce was brilliant, calling for a definite second helping. Fried Calamaris was another item from the action station which seemed to be a favorite all around. The lobsters looked great and the plating was nice, but the meat inside was quite hard. The cod fish was quite bland in taste.

Calamari Prego Westin
Chef's Special Calamari

The thin crust pizza that we ordered had barbecued chicken, jalapenos and caramelized onions while the wood fired pizza was topped with copious amount of cheese. However, the cheese taste did not overpower that of the other toppings as is frequently the case even in many reputed places.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza Prego Westin
Barbecue Chicken Pizza

The brunch offers a wide range of pastas ranging from penne, fusillis to the long spaghettis and tortellinis, with choice of sauces like alfredo and pesto.

Pistachio crusted tuna Prego
Pistachio Crusted Tuna

Among the range of main courses, Pistachio Crusted Tuna with Fettuccine of Vegetables struck gold. The presentation of this dish was excellent and so was the taste. Grilled pork chops and frankfurters went well with the dip supplied with it. And finally there were large Black Ink Agnolotti pastas stuffed with seafood and soft cheese. This was definitely the item of the day.

Black Ink Seafood Agnolotti Prego
Black Ink Seafood Agnolotti

Last but not the least was the desserts. There were more than a dozen choices of desserts in the buffet. My choice was the Strawberry Pannacotta and the Blueberry Cheesecake (which is possibly one of the best I had), whereas my wife loved the Coffee Crème Brulee as well as the Tiramisu. There is an ice cream counter too with a wide choice of ice creams.

Tenderloin balsamic onion
Tenderloin with Balsamic Onions

The brunch offers a choice of mocktails, beer and sparkling wine apart from food.

Cold Cut and Salami Westin Hyderabad
Cold Cuts and Salami

Though we went primarily for the non-vegetarian items, there is enough on offer for the vegetarians too, like the Roasted Vegetable Pizza, tomato olive and parmesan pizza, mushroom risotto and many choices of vegetarian pastas.

Strawberry Pannacotta
Strawberry Pannacotta

I had detailed talk with the sous Chef Pradeep Rao and he patiently explained the items to me, and answered my queries. The wait staff were extremely attentive without being intrusive.

Cost: The Sunday brunch is priced at Rs 2499 plus taxes.

Address: Prego, The Westin Hyderabad, Mindspace Park, Hitech City, Hyderabad 500 081

Telephone: 040- 67676823

Bread Basket Prego Westin Hyderabad
Bread Basket

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