Cake Mixing Session and Classic Sunday Brunch at Olive Bistro Hyderabad

With Christmas fast approaching, the top restaurants in the city are preparing for the same. One of the ceremonial aspects of this preparation is the cake mixing session which is held in the month before. Olive Bistro organized a cake mixing ceremony and Sunday brunch in the beginning of November.

Olive Bistro Hyderabad

The brunch was laid out both indoors as well as my favorite outdoor area overlooking the Durgam Cheruvu Lake.  The salads and the desserts were laid out inside whereas the live courtyard grill and main buffet items were served outdoors.

Virgin Mojito
Virgin Mojito

As we made ourselves comfortable with a virgin mojito and OB Colada (a pineapple and coconut water based drink), an assortment of finger foods were served on the table.  There were Crostinis topped with scrambled eggs and for the Egg Shy, they had tomato and olive toppings. We also had Onion Rings, Batter Fried Vegetables and Crumb Fried Chicken served as Frito Misto. The Crumb Fried Chicken was soft and marinated in herbs giving it a unique taste.

Frito Misto
Frito Misto
Rosemary and Pepper Minute Steak
Rosemary & Pepper Minute Steak

Next to arrive were the items from the courtyard grill. The Rosemary and Pepper Steak was clearly a favorite with its strong herbal flavor. I also liked the Fish Cakes which had the right amount of spices. My wife took a fancy to the succulent Caribbean Jerk Spiced Chicken Breast, which again did not go overboard on the  spices and tasted good.

Jerk Spiced Chicken and Fish Cake
Jerk Spiced Chicken & Fish Cakes
Egg Benedict with spinach on mufffin
Egg Benedict with Spinach on Muffin

The Egg Benedict had two variations – one with spinach (also known as Egg Florentine) and the other with some good bacon. We tried both the pizzas – the spicy Harissa Chicken and corn as well as the Cajun spiced Vegetable and Cottage Cheese. Olive makes one of the best thin crust pizzas in my opinion, and today was no exception.

Harissa Chicken Pizza
Harissa Chicken Pizza

Cajun spiced pizza
Cajun Spiced Veg Pizza

Walked across to the live pasta station and got myself some Fusilli Alfredo with chicken, mushroom and grilled vegetables. In many places we find the pasta either under or overcooked but here it was perfect. The white sauce also was delicious with ample cheese and cream.

Fusilli Alfredo
Fusilli Alfredo

At this point, the call came for cake mixing. About 20 people stood round a large cask. The ingredients like dry fruits, nuts, whole and powdered spices and liquor bottles were handed over to be poured into the cask, and then gloved hands helped mix the stuff. Everyone was in a real festive mood, and this was surely the highest point of an otherwise enjoyable brunch.

Cake Mixing
Some ingredients for Cake Mixing

Cake Mixing at Olive Bistro
Cake Mixing in progress

Finally we did not have much space for the buffet, so sampled a little bit of each item. The Herbed Pilaf was flavorful and went well with the Moroccan Vegetables. Chicken Stroganoff was also served in the buffet.

Main Course
Herbed Pilaf, Chicken Stroganoff and Moroccan Vegetables

Banana and Caramel Eton

The dessert counter had about a dozen items. Highlights were the Crème Cabalana and the Banana and Caramel Eton. However I am an insane fan of the Insanity Slice at the Olive, so fondly remembered the item which is currently not on menu. Shaaz, one of the partners of Olive Hyderabad assured me that it will be back on the menu soon.

The brunch is priced at Rs 1550 (without alcohol) and Rs 2000 (with unlimited alcohol). You need to reserve your table before visiting.

Olive Bistro
Inside Durgam Cheruvu complex ahead of Dr Ambedkar University
Road No 46, Jubilee Hills

Telephone: 040 69999127, 9248912347

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Olive Bistro Hyderabad

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