Quick Bytes: Naughty Lucy Burger at Dunkin Donuts

With a wonderful makeover, Dunkin Donuts recently relaunched their outlet at Connaught Place, Delhi. The entire outlet was renovated and is now branded as one of their signature stores which stands in all its grandeur in the heart of CP. While Dunkin Donuts mainly specialises in coffee and donuts, their mean Tough Guy and Heaven Can Wait burgers have surely drawn a lot of craze. The relaunch provided a novel opportunity for trying out their most recent innovation, the Naughty Lucy Burger which comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variety.

Naughty Lucy Non Veg Burger.  Photo Courtesy - Dunkin Donuts

The Naughty Lucy Burger has a sourdough bun unlike the bagel buns in the Tough Guy but has a significantly thicker chicken patty. The white cheddar cheese which is in the center of the patty provides the much required creaminess which along with the chipotle sauce and fresh veggies create a riot of tastes in the mouth. Extremely filling, the dripping sauces and cheese will make sure that you lick your fingers after every bite or finish a stack of napkins in no time. However, the burger has a tendency to get soggy if not consumed immediately and so is not such a good fit for delivery or takeaway.

Cost  - Rs. 195/-

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