Kakatiya Deluxe: The Iconic Andhra mess of Ameerpet

Ameerpet is one of the busiest localities of Hyderabad. From students of computer courses to people from outside Hyderabad living in working people hostels, a large number of Hyderabadis congregate here every day. Ameerpet is also home to some of the best messes and takeaway joints serving Andhra food.

The most popular destination for Andhra food which is famous all over Hyderabad is Kakatiya Deluxe Mess in Ameerpet. Located in the lane beside JC Brothers near Ameerpet X Roads, the mess also has a separate parcel centre across the road.

The dining section, which is on the first floor of the building, is open from 12 Noon, and from the word go there is a beeline of customers for their vegetarian meals (Rs 160). They have the familiar coupon system like many messes – you have to prepay all your meals.  The meal is quite a  spread with chutney, dal, sambar, two vegetables, papad and curd. The podi and pickles available there are not to be missed. Normally even the non-vegetarian will go for a veg meal, accompanied by omelet or egg curry (Rs 30). Some prefer their signature Chicken Fry (Rs 140) or Chicken Curry (Rs 150). A small point – if you want, you can exchange the curd from the meal for their butter milk which is one of the best.

Chutney podi
Chutneys and Podis

The best part about the meals at Kakatiya Mess is the use of spices. Though chili powder or paste is widely used in the preparations, the taste of chili is never overpowering, it blends so well with the other masalas. This is the major differentiator between food at Kakatiya and some run-of-the-mill messes.

However the food is still very spicy, so if you are finicky about drinking the water served there, you can order packaged water here.

Service is awfully fast, and you are expected to vacate the place as soon as you finish the meal. Also, be prepared to withstand long hard stares from waiting crowd during lunch if you delay in finishing your meal! During dinner, the crowd is much better.

Kakatiya Parcel Section

For people particular about ambiance, I would suggest their Veg/Non-veg Parcel Section across the road. As you go in, you get the aroma of Andhra spices and soon you are in front of the food counters. To the extreme right is the Biryani counter, which serves Chicken or Mutton Fry Biryani as well as the Special Prawn Biryani, which is one of their signature items.

Andhra Biryani
Andhra Fry Piece Biryani

The biryani rice (which actually is Telugu pulao) is flavorful with lots of cinnamon pieces, bay leaves, and javitri. They keep the non-veg fry with masala separately and add the pulao rice on top of the pieces (aptly known as Fry Biryani). The masala has the typical flavor of Andhra cuisine and adds life to the biryani. The salan and the raita to go with the biryani were well prepared unlike what is prevalent in local joints which serve diluted curd water for raita.

Plain biryani rice is also very popular here. I often buy biryani rice and combine it with my favorite curry.

Kakatiya Mess takeaway

The front counter has the Veg meals (carriage - Rs 100) lined up on top. Below you see many chicken, mutton, fish and crab dishes displayed. A few favorites of mine are the Leg Roast, Chicken Lollypop, Crab Fry, Natu Kodi Pulusu or country chicken curry, Kheema Curry and Mutton Roast. In each item the balance of the spices used is just perfect.

Boneless Chicken Fry
Boneless Chicken Fry

The leg roasts are marinated in local masala and fried. These are extremely well-spiced and served with an accompaniment of curry leaves and sauteed green chilies. You need to have a penchant for hot food if you want to enjoy this, but the taste is really delicious. An ideal accompaniment with hard drinks.

Chicken Lollypop
Chicken Lollypop

The prawn  /crab / korameenu (fish) fry is served in a dry masala of onion, tomatoes, green chilies and curry leaves. The seafood is always fresh and the preparation is spicy and perfect.

Andhra chutney counter

Next to the non-veg counter, there is a veg counter which has a few varieties of pappu (daal), vegetables, and chutneys. The chutneys here are delightful – I especially like their spicy cabbage chutney or a tomato and garlic chutney with diced carrots in it.

This is not the place for the ambiance conscious, but in the same breath, I say that it is a place not to be missed by any Telugu food lover as well as lovers of non-veg food.  The variety of fare that they offer is simply amazing.

Kakatiya Deluxe Mess
Lane next to JC Brothers.
Near Ameerpet X Road

Telephone : 98850 66252

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