Blue Eyes Vodka : A new entry in the mid-range Vodka category

Rock & Storm Distilleries was launched in 2010 and has made its name in premium and semi-premium whisky, rum, and gin. Headquartered in Punjab, it has launched its own Vodka brand, by the name of Blue Eyes in Delhi NCR. It is widely available in all the stores and is also pocket friendly. The vodka brand comes in two variants - Pure Grain and Green Apple.

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Blue Eyes Vodka: Green Apple (Left) & Pure Grain (Right) | Foddaholix
Blue Eyes Vodka: Green Apple (Left) & Pure Grain (Right)
The company had sent us samples of both the variants requesting us for a feedback on them. I first tried the Pure Grain Vodka which is diluted to 75 proof. Every liquor contains alcohol but not in its purest form, while Pure Alcohol is 190 proof normally all the liquor is diluted down to lesser proof, in case of Vodka it is generally 80 proof. I tried this with some orange juice and a little Tabasco sauce and the drink went smoothly with little burning sensation in your throat which can be expected of any other Vodka.

The Green Apple Vodka has a very prominent flavor of green apple and goes very well with some mango juice and lemon chunks. There is very nice aftertaste from both of these versions, making them a perfect drink to have on a Friday night with your friends, if you are looking for some liquor that suits your pocket. It will surely give competition to the well known brands such as Smirnoff and Magic Moments, in the mid-range category .

Blue Eyes Vodka have created some cocktail recipes keeping the freshness and unique role of each flavor in creating a premium and refreshing palate experience. They have used seasonal fruits, topped up with tangy flavors and signature chaat masalas. Their mixologist has infused these flavors measured with precision to create the perfect Blue Eyes Vodka cocktail mix, which everyone can enjoy in this hot summer. I have mentioned a few of their recipes below:

1. Blue Eyes White Lily

Ingredients:White Lily, Blue Eyes Vodka - 45ml, Lychee Juice - 60ml, Limca - 60ml, Lemon Juice - 2-3 drops
Method: Put 1/3 part of Crushed ice in a Glass, Pour 45ml of Blue Eyes Vodka, pour 60ml Lychee Juice, Limca 60ml & 2-3 Drops of Lemon Juice. Slightly Stir.
Garnish with Fresh Lychee bulbs
Blue Eyes White Lily | Foodaholix
Blue Eyes White Lily (Image Courtesy: Blue Eyes Vodka)
2. Blue Eyes Summer Crush

Ingredients: Summer Crush, Blue Eyes Vodka - 45ml, Tomato - ½, Cucumber - ½, Melon - 1/8, Sugar Syrup, Mint - 5-6 Leaves
Method: Blend Half Tomato, Cucumber & Melon in a Blender with Some Crushed Ice.  Add Blue Eyes Vodka 45 ML Add Sugar to Taste Pour in a Glass. 
Garnish with Twisted Slice of Cucumber
Blue Eyes Summer Crush | Foodaholix
Blue Eyes Summer Crush (Image Courtesy: Blue Eyes Vodka)
3. Blue Eyes Green Tea

Ingredients: Blue Eyes Green Tea, Green Tea Bags – 2, Boiled Water - 20ml, Gin - 20ml, Blue Eyes Vodka - 40ml, Sugar syrup, Lemon juice, Whisky - 2 to 3 ml, Sprite 
Method: Dip 2 Green Tea Bags in 20ml boiled water in a Shaker, Squeeze a little, pour the water in a Glass already filled with Ice Cubes. Add 20ml Revolution Gin n Lime Duet with 40 ML Blue Eyes Pure Grain Vodka, Sugar Syrup & lime Juice to taste.
• Top up with Sprite
• Spray 2-3ml of Big Boss Whisky
• Garnish with Mint Leaves
Blue Eyes Green Tea | Foodaholix
Blue Eyes Green Tea (Image Courtesy: Blue Eyes Vodka)

4. Blue Eyes Mango Sunrise

Ingredients: Mango Sunrise, Vodka - 45ml, Mango Juice - 45ml, Coke - 60ml, Crushed Ice, Gin - 15ml
Method: Put Some Crushed ice in a glass, Lock it on base and fix a Long shot Glass filled with 30ml Blue Eyes Vodka & 30ml Chilled Mango Juice In the glass. Pour Coke 60ml and Revolution Gin n Lime 15ml
Use two different Straws in Both the Glasses
Blue Eyes Mango Sunrise | Foodaholix
Blue Eyes Mango Sunrise (Image Courtesy: Blue Eyes Vodka)
5.Blue Eyes Masala Twist

Ingredients: Blue Eyes Masala twist, Blue Eyes Vodka - 45ml, Lime chunks - 4 to 6, Mint Leaves, Brown Sugar, Chaat masala, Sprite 
Method: Pour 45ml Blue Eyes Vodka in Shaker Put 4-6 Lime Chunks, add Brown Sugar Muddle Them Slightly , Add Tapped Mint Leaves, Add Some ice and Chaat Masala Shake Well and Double Strained in a glass topped, with Sprite, Garnish with Lime Chunk or Mint
Blue Eyes Masala Twist | Foodaholix
Blue Eyes Masala Twist (Image Courtesy: Blue Eyes Vodka)

Alcohol Content :
Pure Grain Vodka 42.88%
Green Apple Vodka 37.5%

Cost :
Pure Grain Vodka - Rs 400/- per bottle
Green Apple Vodka - Rs. 440/- per bottle
(Note: The prices mentioned are for Delhi region)

Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent to us for a review. However the opinions expressed in the post are honest and unbiased.


  1. Quite an informative post. Thanks, Naman, for sharing :)

  2. Expect taste blue eyes vodka is nice but not better than magic moment if your budget is about 1000 then you should go for magic moment. Brand of vodka directly depends on budget.

  3. It's little bit better in taste