The Aamlicious Food Festival at Khandani Rajdhani

Guest Post by: Quddus

Quddus, a passionate foodie, is a software engineer by profession. Whenever he is not at work or is spending time with his family, food and travel are things that occupy his mind. A connoisseur of Hyderabadi cuisine, he loves his Nasi Goreng as well. He believes there is always a place for desserts and loves flavours that are not run of the mill.

In Hyderabad as well as quite a few other cities, the name Khandani Rajdhani is synonymous with thalis served with a lot of conviction. Ever since their first outlet in the Ameerpet Big Bazaar building, they have come up with various ways to keep customers interested in the City of Nizams. The food is not heavy on the tummy yet it is quite filling.

The Rajdhani Thali

After their move to Banjara Hills, during summer of last year, they conducted the Aamlicious Food Festival for the first time. As part of the festival, they include a number of dishes in their regular thali which has mango flavors. This year, this festival is on a bigger canvas offering many more mango-based dishes with more variety. Kairi Chilli Samosa, Kairi Potli Kachori, Aam Bhare Papad Roll, Kairi Dal Dhokli, Aamras Puri, Aa ki Kaunji with Khoba Roti, Kairi Samosa ki Subzi, Raw Mango Dal Pachadi & Mango Jalebi  are among their special offerings this year.
Kairi Samosa Ki Subzi

Kairi Chilli Samosa is a small sized samosa with raw mango flavors infused into the stuffing, they have it as an appetizer as well as in the form of gravy in Kairi Samosa ki Subzi. Both were pretty nice.

Kairi Potli Ki Kachori
Kairi Potli Ki Kachori

Kairi Potli Kachori was a different take on kachori, wherein they shaped the kachori in the form of a ‘potli’ (crudely packet in English) & had the stuffing which had aloo & matar infused with raw mango flavor.

Khoba Roti
Khoba Roti

Aam Bhare Papad Roll was crisp fried papad coating a paneer based stuffing, was good when hot. Khoba Roti is the thick wheat flour roti made in most Marwari households, which was decent in combination with Aam ki Launji.

Aam Panna
Mango Based Beverages

Raw Mango Dal Pachadi was a South Indian style dish from the offering & combined flavors of jaggery & raw mango in a liquid pachadi, was fine.

Mango Jalebi
Mango Jalebi

I could not guess the outer layer of Mango Jalebi, but inside it had a satiating mango, I first got a sour one but the second piece more than compensated for that.

Rajdhani Curries
The Curries

They also have Mango Lassi, Kairi Aam Panna & Amarakhand as part of the Aamlicious Festival, but these items need to be ordered separately.

Aamras with Poori
Aamras with Poori

The Aamras served this year was very good. Loved the flavor & on checking with the pan-India marketing head of the chain, came to know that they source Alphonso from a single dealer & hence they are able to maintain the consistency.

My best picks from the festival this year were Kairi Potli Kachori, Kairi Chilli Samosa & Kairi Samosa ki Subzi. Other items were not bad but these were the best of the lot.

Thali is priced at Rs.430 for weekday dinners & weekend meals & at Rs.380 for weekday lunches. On Tuesdays, they serve the thali forRs.250 but aamras is limited on that day. The festival is on till 30th of May.

Khaandani Rajdhani
Banjara Hills Branch:
Level 1 Uptown Banjara,
Road No 2 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Telephone: 64593998

Kukatpally Branch:
Level 3, Forum Sujana Mall
Kukatpally, Hyderabad
Telephone: 30534131-32

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

Jodha Maharaj, the curator of the festival

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