Quick Bytes: The In-Room Picnic at The Park, Hyderabad

Food festivals and promotions are regular features in all star hotels these days, as any property would like to delight their discerning customers with unique experiences. However, promotions specifically addressing room guests are not at all common. The Park Hotels group has set a new trend by introducing In-Room Picnic, where a special dining experience is specifically created for room guests to enjoy a picnic right in their rooms with a special menu of food and drinks, board games and other recreational activities. Dining in the room is often a boring affair, and the new experience is set to change that. The design of “The Park Picnic” is done by a professional consultant from The Netherlands in association with the hotel.

To showcase this experience The Park Hyderabad had invited a few bloggers to one of their luxury suites overlooking Hussain Sagar Lake. The table at the living space was laid out with games such as scrabble, puzzles and tambola. As we settled down we were in for a major surprise – a magician almost magically cropped up in the room to entertain us with his trade. He started with a few tricks like turning newspaper pieces into currency notes but soon went on to demonstrate some amazing card tricks. We were asked to pick up random cards from the stack, and he always read our mind to produce the correct card.

All along this, we were enjoying the nice view of the lake sipping some wine served to us. There were quite a few varieties of short eats around the room, and my favorite were some butter rich puffs which were kept near the windows. The nachos with sour cream were also nice to munch.

I had a look at the special picnic menu as part of the promotion. The menu had five sections – My Own Tea Picnic, Tropical Picnic, European Picnic, Asian Picnic and Kids Picnic, thus catering to most of the palates and age groups. Each of the sections had a separate five-course pre-set combo for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  The pricing of the picnic looked very attractive ranging from Rs 750 to Rs 1450 per combo.

It was now time for a picnic trolley to roll in.  The colourful trolley was decorated with balloons and had multi-compartment tiffin carriers as well as cups and water bottles dangling from it. Below these were some of the snacks and desserts served separately in plates.

I had opted for the Tropical Picnic (non-vegetarian). The first compartment of the tiffin carrier had two pieces of soft and tasty Nizami Kathi Rolls with chicken filling.

 Another compartment had Hyderabadi Gosht Dum Biryani served with Mirchi ka Salan and Cucumber Mint Raita. The biryani at The Park is well-known for its superior taste and today was no exception. The dessert in the combo was Khubani ka Meetha Tart, an apricot based fusion preparation.

My Own Tea Picnic was what the person sitting next to me was having; it looked pretty interesting too. The veg version had Mirchi Bhajji, Vada Pav with Lehsooni Chutney along with some Masala Tea and Cakes. The non-vegetarian version had Dum Ka Keema with Coriander Pav instead of Vada Pav. I could not help but try a little bit of each dish here. After all, a picnic is all about sharing food.
The entire afternoon was full of fun. Though we did not play any of the games, they could be a major recreation for families and kids. We ended the afternoon with some assorted desserts.

Overall a nicely designed concept with lovely presentation. Every minute detail of the promotion looked carefully planned starting from the trolley to specially designed paper coasters for the promotion. Imagine a picnic right at the hotel room where you are staying over. You can also invite a couple of your friends from the city and spend the entire afternoon enjoying delicious food with select drinks. The staff at The Park Hotels are also ready to customize the experience to your needs. The in-room dining experience will only be available in specific rooms of each property.

The Park Hyderabad
22 Rajbhavan Road
Hyderabad 500 082
Telephone: 2345 6789

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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