Dastarkhwan-E-Khas at Kebabs & Kurries, ITC Kakatiya

Kebabs & Kurries at ITC Kakatiya has always been my go-to place for quality Indian food. The restaurant rechristened back from K&K recently is known for its gourmet dishes, from Awadh, North-West Frontier as well as Hyderabad. On offer are kababs from the tandoor, angeethi, and tawa as well as a myriad of Royal curries such as qorma, salan, and qaliya.

Patthar Ke Gosht

While the standard offerings from the menu are fairly extensive, the fiercely loyal customers often say Dil maangey more and to cater to these repeated requests the restaurant is organizing a Chef’s special promotion aptly called Dastarkhwan-E-Khas during the month of January. The promotion has been curated by Jr Sous Chef Kunal Bapna, who has brought into focus an assortment of new dishes to be served during this period. At a preview, we were exposed to these dishes as well as some gems from their existing menu.

Haryali Murgh

Among the non-vegetarian options, chicken dishes are perhaps the most acceptable and ubiquitous, and the two kababs presented were the Hariyali Murgh and Murgh Kali Mirch Tikka. While the first has a marinade made from the greens, it is the second one which impressed me more having quite a balanced taste. Usually, the kali mirch dishes suffer from slightly overpowering use of peppercorn, but this one was more akin to the malai kabab variety with a little pepper thrown in.

Murgh Kali Mirch Tikka

Hyderabad’s own Patthar Ka Gosht, where marinated lamb is slow cooked on a stone, was a clear winner, the meat being soft and the spices adequate. The Galouti (or galawat as it is also called) was melt-in-the-mouth as usual.

Galouti Kabab

A new dish for me was Tali Subz Machli. Fillets of Pomfret were marinated in a coriander flavoured green masala and fried with bread crumbs. The crisp boneless fish is something which I can recommend wholeheartedly. Tarare Jhinga is a dish I had tried at K&K itself in some earlier festival, the spicy red marinade in the prawn preparation called from a little assistance from some quality Indian bread.

Tarare Jhinga

Usually, a kabab festival is predominantly non-vegetarian, but this promotion has quite a few of vegetarian tawa kababs, that too going beyond the traditional paneer which is so commonplace. Three tikkis, Aloo Chowk Tikki (potato with a filling of peas), healthy Soya Tikki, and Labgeer (pan-fried beetroot patties with a hint of cardamom) were all impressive. Nadru ki Champ, a flat patty of lotus stem with onions and green chillies was innovative. Subz Seekh Kabab consisting of assorted vegetables was another special dish served.

Aloo Chowk Tikki (top) and Labgeer

A mention must be made of the garlic pickle served on the table. While it went well with the kababs, I could not resist trying it out on its own.

Nadru Ki Champ (top) and Subz Seekh Kabab

A dish served here on special occasions which is not on the menu is Chooza Biryani, Popular with regular customers here, it is made from soft spring chicken marinated in yoghurt. Chooza Biryani will be regularly served during the promotion and this is something which should not be missed here. The purdah cover of this dish is removed on the table to unveil the flavours of this rice and meat dish.  Like the pickle mentioned above, the raita served at Kebabs and Curries to go with the biryani is a treat by itself.

Chooza Biryani

For dessert, I went for my favourite Bombay Falooda, while a friend went for the tried and tested Kulfi.  I had a spoonful of Khubani Chhena, mildly sweet cottage cheese and apricot dish and just loved it. This is going to be my go-to dessert in this restaurant from now on.

Dastarkhwan-E-Khas will be on all through January, for both lunch and dinner

Kebabs and Kurries
ITC Kakatiya

Telephone: 040-40081815

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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