Cuisine from Lombardy at Prego, The Westin

Prego, the Italian restaurant at The Westin Hyderabad has been playing host to regular festivals that showcase finer aspects of Italian cuisine. Some of the festivals have been theme-based and some offer cuisine from specific areas of Italy. A few months back, we had a close look at the predominantly seafood based dishes from Venice such as Squid Ink Risotto and Sarde in Sour. Currently, the food from the landlocked region of Lombardy is being presented through a promotion.

Involtini Di Melanzane
Involtini Di Melanzane

The northern region of Lombardy is best known for its capital Venice as a global seat of fashion.  However, the food from this area is no less interesting. Chef Ravi Kumar Nayak, who is curating this festival told us that the choice of food of the people in this region differs significantly from the food in other parts of Italy. The landlocked region prefers meat rather than seafood. Also, rice is the staple in this area, and they have a variety of risotto recipes in their arsenal. Gorgonzola, the blue cheese made from cow milk is another contribution of the region.

The special festival menu at Prego has around sixteen items which are neatly presented as a special flyer with the main menu. At a blogger’s preview of the promotion, we had the occasion to sample a few dishes from this. The first antipasti Involtini Di Melanzane had ricotta cheese wrapped inside a soft eggplant roll. The taste of this starter was quite different with the cheese combining well with tender eggplant.

Torta Di Asparagi Gratinati
Torta Di Asparagi Gratinati 

Torta Di Asparagi Gratinati a.k.a asparagus and cheese tart was the next bite-sized starter. The tart filling had wilted asparagus and parmesan cheese in abundance.

Cozze Gratinate Con Pomodori E Zucchini was a special dish with mussels, cheese and zucchini served on the shell along with edible soil. I had never encountered edible soil before, and as the name indicates it is made of edible ingredients but resemble the look of soil.

Cozze Gratinate
Cozze Gratinate 
The dish of the day for me was Fagottini Di Patata Porcini. The pasta was stuffed with potato and served in a delectable sauce. The saffron sauce was finger-licking good, and even a person like me who is biased towards non-vegetarian food enjoyed the subtle flavours of the dish.

Fagottini Di Patata Porcini
Fagottini Di Patata Porcini

Next in line was Filleto Di Beckti, grill bhetki fish served with polenta and assorted vegetables. The fish which was grilled just the right amount with the skin on top was an absolute delight.

Filleto Di Beckti

Cotoletta Di Pollo Alla Milanese was a nicely presented dish of crumb fried chicken served on a bed of potato mash and garnished with vegetables on top. However, the chicken was a tad too dry for my liking.

Cotoletta Di Pollo Alla Milanese
Cotoletta Di Pollo Alla Milanese

We had a sweet ending our meal with a fantastic Pan Seared Panettone with red wine poached pears and mascarpone gelato.

Pan Seared Panettone with red wine poached pears
Pan Seared Panettone with red wine poached pears

I had a detailed look at the menu and found lots of other interesting items. There is a risotto with gorgonzola cheese, a hallmark of Lombard cuisine. Thyme scented agnolotti with lamb and grilled sliced tenderloin looked interesting too.

The a-la-carte festival which is on till 21st August is recommended for lovers of Italian cuisine as it provides an insight into the food of a specific area of Italy.

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Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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