The Sumptuous Italian Sunday Brunch at Tre-Forni Restaurant and Bar

Tre-Forni Bar & Restaurant at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad is one of the preferred destinations for Italian food in the city. With its elegant bar and spacious restaurant, the place offers the best of fine dining experiences. Tre-Forni now brings us the all new Sunday Brunch, a complete celebration of Italian cuisine every Sunday afternoon.

Grilled Lobster

The brunch spread is huge which is laid over the entire bar, restaurant as well as the al-fresco seating area in the terrace. The terrace area offers a nice view of the city and some good lounge music.

Invited for a preview of the brunch, I was happy to see a number of live counters - the Panini Station in the terrace area, the grill section displaying mouthwatering marinated meat and seafood, as well as a large pasta station in the central part of the restaurant.  The dessert spread in the bar area was quite enticing.

The Grill 

Grilled Prawns

My Bengali roots obviously attracted me first towards the seafood part of the grill.  Prawns, lobsters, squids, pomfrets were some of the aqua creatures on display. I asked for some Grilled Lobsters with lemon butter sauce.  It was fun scooping out the soft and mildly herbed meat from the lobster shells. There were a number of meat dishes such as tenderloin, pork and lamb chops in the grilling station as well. The Herb Crusted Bekti (Branzino In Crosta) served with roasted potatoes and tomatoes was another delicate dish which deserves a mention.

Herb Crusted Bekti

A separate menu listed the brunch cocktails. I went for a Mai Tai, a rum and fruit juice based Polynesian drink. At the antipasti section there were a series of bite-sized eats. The Smoked Chicken in Tuna Mayo (Pollo Tonnato) and Smoked Tuna (Carpaccio Di Tonno) were good to go with the drinks. The salad and antipasti counter had a range of pickled or grilled vegetables and meat dishes.

The Panini Station

Just next to the salads there were a selection of breads like Focaccia, Baguettes and Ciabatta. A selection of classy hams as well as cheese were available for diners to customize as per their liking.

There was only one soup on offer -  Chickpea based Zuppa Di Ceci. Somehow I did not like its taste.  From the pizza counter, I had a couple of slices of the original Margherita and Salamoni Picante (spicy salami with mozzarella and tomato). Both of them were of the highest standard.

Assorted Hams (top) and Cheese (bottom)

The pasta live counter was an elaborate affair. There were at least ten varieties of freshly made pastas along with choices of different sauces. The Potato Gnocchi in Pesto Sauce was well prepared. My favourite here were the small ear shaped Orecchiette with Pork sausages in porcini. A few other attractions were Spaghettis in Tomato Chilli Sauce and Raviolis with Salmon and Green Peas.

Spicy Mary & Mule Cup

At this stage, I tried out the next cocktail named Spicy Mary, a vodka based drink with soya, vinegar and thai Sriracha. I am fond of spicy or chilli infused cocktails, and this one did not disappoint me too. The other two brunch cocktails on offer were the Mule Cup (Spiced Rum in Cinnamon Syrup) and Raspberry Sling (Dark Rum with raspberry juice). For people who prefer traditional drinks over cocktails, one can choose from a range of beers and other Indian liquors.

Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce

It was finally the time for main courses. There were about seven different dishes available on the buffet. One of the best dishes for me was the Pomfret in a tomato basil sauce (Arrosto Pomfret). The Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne was extremely cheesy and thick. The Red Wine braised Lamb Dish had a flowing curry and I dunked some multigrain bread in it to absorb the flavours, it tasted sublime. Even the Seafood Stew worked out pretty good for me.

A part of the Buffet on display

The buffet has a humongous spread of desserts. I could not do much justice to most of them as I was already full. All I could manage was to nibble a little from the desserts selected by others. Tiramisu, Chocolate Truffles and Raspberry Eclaires were appreciated by most of the diners on my table.

The Desserts

If you are a lover of western, especially Italian food, Tre-Forni on a Sunday afternoon is just the right place for you. Go with lot of time in hand for the Sunday Brunch as the service is rather leisurely.  A fine dine like Tre-Forni may need to work on this aspect, as this is one of the most exclusive and expensive brunches in the city. However the diversity and quality of the dishes available in my opinion makes the brunch extremely attractive.  The brunch is priced at Rs 2850 (plus taxes).

Tre-Forni Restaurant & Bar
Park Hyatt Hyderabad
Road No 2, Banjara Hills
Telephone: 49991222

Brunch Timings: Every Sunday 12 Noon to 4 pm.

Note: Some pics are courtesy Park Hyatt.

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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