Punjab Grill: Bringing Authentic Punjabi Food to Hyderabad

Punjab Grill is perhaps the best-known restaurant brand in India for food from the land of five rivers. Founded by the legendary Jiggs Kalra, the chain has been taken over by Lite Bite Foods couple of years back. The group has restaurants in all major cities of India as well as in Singapore and have recently opened their latest one in Hyderabad.

Chaamp Tajdar
Chaamp Tajdar

As I had discussed in an earlier post, Punjabi is easily the most popular regional cuisines of India. Often in abroad often Indian food is synonymous with Punjabi food. Punjab Grill is known for presenting the flavours of Punjab in their original form as well as adding a fusional twist to some of their dishes.

Dhania Patta Drink

The swanky new restaurant in Hyderabad which can house more than one-fifty guests at a time is located very close to Jubilee Hills check post. Apart from a huge dining area, there are two PDRs for private dining. The ambience is open and comfortable. The place has an open kitchen where you can see kababs being prepared in a Bhatti.

Veg Kurkuri
Veg Kurkuri

Invited for a preview of the place, we first indulged in trying out a few mocktails from the menu.  One of my favourites was Anari, a pomegranate based drink topped with coriander leaves.  Dhania Patta as the name suggests was a refreshing drink based on coriander leaves. A unique mocktail was Nimbu Acharoska, which tasted like lemon pickle water. If you like the achari taste this is the drink for you. The restaurant hopes to receive their liquor license soon, after which we can taste the cocktail avatars of some of these drinks. Along with the drinks, we were served some delicious Veg Kurkuri or wonton skins stuffed with vegetables and cheese rolled in sevian and fried. The sweet chilli dip which was served with it deserves a special mention.

Tawa Machhi
Tawa Macchi

I had received some good feedback about kababs and starters at Punjab Grill and was looking forward to trying them out. One of their signature dishes is Chaamp Tajdar. The presentation of the lamb chops was extremely inviting and as everyone was busy clicking photos, I was getting restless to lay my hands on them. The masala with which the lamb was braised was a killer, and the meat was grilled just the right amount. This was clearly a winner for me.

Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill
Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill

Tawa Macchi had boneless fillets of river sole soaked in masala and fried in mustard oil. Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill was the restaurant’s version of the famous dish. The tikka here is not overdone retaining the flavours of the masala.

Salmon Tikka
Salmon Tikka

Salmon Tikka was another starter which I loved. Grilled Norwegian salmon marinated in dill and honey had a very subtle taste and a stronger mustard flavour. An interesting twist to the omnipresent fish dish.

It was now the turn of the main courses to be served. All of them were served with some delicious Lehsooni Naan and Lachha Paratha; both the breads were of extremely high quality. Any Punjabi restaurant is normally evaluated in terms how perfectly they can make dal makhni and butter chicken. While Dal Punjab Grill was smooth and creamy with a distinctive taste, though the Murgh Makhani was a trifle over tangy.

Main Courses

My picks from the main courses were Dhaniya Mirch Da Kukkad and Meat Punjab Grill. The former was a typical Punjabi dhaba recipe, with a rustic gravy. Meat Punjab Grill was more of a rich and celebratory dish, the chops here cooked a little more than the kabab earlier, and soaking in the gravy in the process. Amritsari Malai Kofta was another dish which was showcased.

Tarkari Biryani

We tried out some rice dishes from the menu as well. Tarkari Kesari Biryani was possibly one of best vegetarian biryanis that I have tasted in Hyderabad. Saffron flavoured and replete with fresh vegetables, it is a dish which is not to be missed. Chutney Pulao had chicken and rice prepared in a green coriander, mint and chilli chutney.

Litchi Ke Tehri
Litchi Ke Tehri

The place has some interesting desserts too. Litchi ke Tehri with litchis soaked in rabri was the pick here, with makhanas adding a crunchy taste to it. Phirni and Paneer Jalebi were the other two desserts served.

Paneer Jalebi
Paneer Jalebi

Chef Vijay Sethi, who has come down from Delhi to set up the kitchen here provided interesting inputs on most of the dishes. He also served Dal Pinni, a laddu abundant with lentil, ghee and nuts, which is not there on the menu.

Dal Pinni
Dal Pinni

The Punjab Grill experience is surely not to be missed. The restaurant has managed to create a buzz in the first fortnight of operations itself. It has some very interesting and authentic dishes that one should try out. The restaurant has also launched a weekday buffet priced at Rs 625 (plus taxes).

Punjab Grill
4th Floor, Guru Raghavendra
Road No 1 Jubilee Hills (near check post)
Telephone: 80083 33555

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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