Festival Feed: Wok’s Hot at The Square, Novotel HICC

The Square, all day dining restaurant at Novotel, Hitech city has always been rated very high by the food lovers of Hyderabad. The restaurant, which serves one of the best buffets in town, organizes quite a few niche promotions from time to time to augment the experience of its regular diners. “Wok’s Hot”, a festival of Oriental cuisine is the latest in this endeavour.

Sushi Platter

The promotion showcases cuisines from all of the Orient, from Korea and Japan to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Every day for dinner until December 18th, the buffet will have a large number of signature dishes from the cuisines of these countries. Quite a few live counters have also been set up in the al-fresco area, serving dim sum, teppanyaki, and satays.

Invited for a Media and Bloggers’ Table, we first ventured outside the restaurant to have a look at the live counters. There were quite a variety of dim sums on display – from chicken, seafood to water chestnut. The skins of the dim sums also had a lot of variations – lotus flour, potato starch among others. But the assortment of sauces served with the dim sums proved the main attraction for me – especially the excellent onion and oyster and the offbeat mustard dips.

Assorted Dim Sums

I love satays, and the counter had tenderloin apart from the usual chicken and fish. Vietnamese Rolls were also being prepared just next to it. The Teppanyaki served some well-spiced fish and prawn preparation.


Coming back inside, I specifically looked for the oriental dishes in the buffet. As the buffet also caters to in-house guests, it had the usual Indian and European dishes in addition to those of the promotion. I was not too interested in them.

I tried out all the sushis on the buffet. The Futamaki Asparagus went well with wasabi and gari. Nigiri has been one of my favourites and here it had a thin slice of salmon over the pickled rice. Uramaki was the other sushi on offer.

Lemon Grass marinated Squids

For soup, I went for Pho Ga Shrimp, the signature Vietnamese broth. The shrimps had become soft in the soup lending it a strong seafood flavour which was to my liking.  The salad assortment was very interesting too. My pick was the Lemon Grass marinated Squids. Tenderloin and Broccoli with Sesame and Fish with Peanut Dressing were the other highlights.

Tenderloin and Broccoli with Sesame

I had deliberately gone slow on salads and starters because the main courses had a few Korean dishes which looked irresistible to me. The first was the Caramelized Pork Ribs. My first helping landed me a soft and well cooked pork piece, which I really enjoyed. The second piece, however was kind of fibrous.

Caramelized Pork Ribs

Beef Bulgogi, a Korean dish where thin slices of beef had been marinated in a soya based sauce was par for the course. The Thai Yellow Chicken Curry went famously with some hot steamed rice.

Beef Bulgogi

The dessert bar had a lot of items. Mint Mojito Jelly caught my attention.  Honey Mousse Black Sesame Pancake was another interesting one on display.

The promotion is on only for dinner till 18th December. However on Sunday, it is also available as part of the brunch. A feast for lovers of Pan-Asian cuisine, this will also be interesting for people curious about Korean and Vietnamese food. The promotion menu changes every day.


The Square,
Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre
HICC Complex, HiTech City
Telephone: 66824482

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant

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