Food Walk with Sensodyne at Banjara Hills

Food walks are always fun as you explore new areas for food with a select group of friends.  The walks to the Charminar area on a Sunday morning, Tolichowki during Ramzan, and Sindhi Colony for some special food are very popular with the food lovers of Hyderabad. That is why, when Sensodyne, in association with So Hyderabad, invited me for a food walk to explore select destinations of Banjara Hills, I was quite interested.

This was a food walk with a difference – it was to bring to the fore the issue of tooth sensitivity and to help people enjoy the hot and cold food that they enjoy. #EnjoyLikeYouShould was the motto with which a group of food bloggers and another group of regular users of Sensodyne suffering tooth sensitivity issues, visited three well-known cafes and restaurants tasting the delicacies offered by them.

I was the only one in the team who fitted both the roles – a food blogger who was fighting tooth sensitivity with Sensodyne. I had been having regular issues with my teeth since the last decade resulting in multiple root canal procedures on my molars. My teeth had become very sensitive especially cold food, and using Sensodyne Sensitive toothpaste last few years have really helped in bringing down the irritation.

Our first stop was Gallery Café. Located in the same campus as Kalakriti Art Gallery, which is run by the same management.  The Café has made quite a name for itself for its vegetarian food and frequent pop-up performances by the local talent. The artistic setting was buzzing with people by 11 am, and our group settled down in two tables with some hot beverages. I ordered some coffee, and over the next one hour, our adda discussed anything from food, politics to different cities. It was heartening to see that the sensitivity sufferers had no problems enjoying the hot beverages served. A few of them narrated how Sensodyne has helped them in overcoming this problem, and they are back to enjoying their favourite food.

From Gallery Café we travelled to Eclaire, a popular patisserie on Road No 12. The shakes and cheesecakes from Eclaire have been the talk of the town for some time now. However, I was in a mood for some savouries, and my choice was Chicken Quiche. The quiche, stuffed with chicken mince, was quite filling, though it was not the best that I had. I also had a look at the food on display in their counter, and the macaroons, pastries and doughnuts looked very enticing.

Our last stop was Exotica, one of the best-known places in Hyderabad for their buffet. The tooth sensation problem was put to its most rigorous test here, where all the participants tried Kulfi, a signature dish at this place. It was refreshing to note that not a single participant using Sensodyne had any issue enjoying the cold dessert.

That was the last place for the delightful food walk. It was a pleasure to interact with other sensitivity sufferers and learn from them the problems they faced, and how the use of Sensodyne has helped them. A lot of food was discussed during the walk enriching my knowledge about various cuisines.  We explored some popular places in Banjara Hills in some detail and talking to a new set of friends was a bonus.

You can watch a short video on the walk here:

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