Festival Feed: Mad About Mocha at Hyderabad Baking Company, The Marriott

It is unusual to spot a coffee and dessert festival in Hyderabad, but then Marriott Hyderabad Hotel and Convention Centre is known to do the unusual things. Mad About Mocha is a promotion celebrating coffee based handcrafted desserts and savouries at Hyderabad Baking Company, the lobby level delicatessen at The Marriott.

Mad About Mocha Marriott

Pastry Chef Rathish Unni Nair has started from where he left off the last time – the Chocolate and Jack Daniel Dessert Festival which we all enjoyed.  The desserts offered for the promotion were put up on display just in front of the HBC counter, and he patiently explained to us each and every delicacy on offer.

A selection of dishes from the menu was offered for the Media and Blogger Preview for which we were invited. It is to be noted that espresso has been used in all the dishes. The bite-sized Coffee Toffee was stuffed with some delicious butter scotch and espresso. Coffee and Red Wine Gateaux had red wine and star anise jelly on top. The mousse was made with red wine and enriched by coffee flavour.

The Coffee Terrine was another star with mascarpone and espresso. Pappa Roti, a Malaysian coffee bun made with yeast bread with a soft sweet tasting inside, was one of my favourites for the day. Candy Orange Chocolate with Espresso was a surprise. From the looks I thought it will be very sweet, but turned out to be a very subtle taste, with Nutella and coffee ganache. Coorg Eclairs had been prepared with the famed coffee of this belt.

Milk Chocolate Espresso Slice had strong coffee flavours in it, and is a must try for coffee lovers. Chocolate and Thyme Choux Bun was another dessert appreciated by many.

The savoury I tried was a Lamb Puff stuffed with mince and herbs and mildly flavoured with Coffee. With so many desserts as part of the promotion, this provided a change of taste.

The coffee based drinks included Iced Latte and Eggnog Frappe. We were served samples of each of these in shot glasses. The Iced Vanilla Caramel Coffee and the Peppermint Coffee are not to be missed in the promotion.

The festival is a-la-carte and on from 20th to 29th January. A must visit for all dessert lovers as the preparations are truly exquisite. A big thumbs up to Chef Nair. We look forward to many such promotions.

Hyderabad Baking Company
Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre
Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad
Telephone: 27522582

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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