Festival Feed: Rivaayat is back at Kanak with attractive new dishes

Rivaayat, the festival celebrating traditional Indian cuisines at The Trident, Hyderabad was possibly one of the best food promotions in the city during the last two years.  The first two editions were huge hits with the food lovers showcasing signature recipes from Awadh, Delhi and Hyderabad.


This time Rivaayat is back early, in January instead of the usual March. Quite a few new items have been added to the festival menu, making it even more attractive.

A special menu planned by Chef Prafull Aina was presented at the preview organized for media and bloggers. Like last year, we yet again started with a Rampuri dish, Khatti Kairi ka Rampuri Jhinga. The prawns had taken in the yoghurt based margination well. However, the raw mango flavour was extremely mild in the succulent prawns.

Rampuri Jhinga
Khatti Kairi ka Rampuri Jhinga

Kumbh Ki Galawat was a dish we had tried last year. The moist mushroom kabab was one of the best galawatis I have had recent times eclipsing even the mutton versions I tried recently.  I remember that I was not too happy with this dish in the last edition, but today it was simply brilliant.

Kumbh ki Galawat
Kumbh ki Galawat

Aloo-Kachalu, a potato and colocasia dish in a tangy and spicy chutney was liked by most of us. I am personally a big fan of arbi (or Kochu as we call it in Bengali) and feel that the potential of the vegetable is underutilized in modern day recipes.

Alu Kachalu
Alu Kachalu

For me the best starter was Lagan Ki Boti, a lamb kabab served with sautéed onions. The spices were extremely well balanced in the dish which had a sweetish tinge due to the well-fried onions. The lamb was also cooked to the optimal soft texture, and the dish will be a true delight for any food lover.

Lagan Ki Boti
Lagan Ki Boti
One thing I love about any preview in The Trident is that the menu is restricted to less than a dozen dishes, and we are able to relish the flavours and taste of each and every dish without getting tired or full.

Sarson Da Saag
Sarson ka Saag

Our main courses started with the legendary Punjabi dish – Sarson ka Saag. The butter-laden puree of mustard leaves was pure soul food, paired with Makki Di Roti. A slightly tangy Baigan ka Bhartha was prepared in garlic and tomatoes. Again a favourite vegetable of mine, I went for it even without rotis. A special note of appreciation has to be made for the yellow Lucknowi dal served with the rotis, it was pure comfort food.

Baigan Ka Bharta
Baigan Ka Bharta

Rivayaat has a tradition of presenting some brilliant gravy dishes and today it was the turn of Puran Singh ke Dhaba Wali Chicken. The onion based Punjabi gravy light on spices could be devoured with any of the rotis from the bread basket served to us.

Puran Singh ke Dhaba Wali Chicken
Puran Singh ke Dhaba Wali Chicken

Mahi Kaliya had bekti fillets cooked in a tamarind based curry. The gravy went very well with the Punjabi Mutter Pulao, though the fish did not have much taste of its own.

Gulabi Phirnee
Gulabi Phirnee

The dessert platter had Gulab Phirnee (Rose Flavoured Broken Rice Pudding) and Dry Fruit Halwa, both of which I had tried out in the first edition of Rivaayat. Both the desserts were decent, though the halwa was my personal favourite.

Dry Fruit Halwa
Dry Fruit Halwa

Rivaayat is not like any other festival. The Chef team has taken lot of pains to cull out traditional recipes and present them to the discerning food lovers. The Oberoi group organizes Rivaayat in quite a few of its restaurants in different cities where lost dishes from various cuisines are showcased. The a-la-carte promotion here which can be recommended wholeheartedly is on until 25th January, only for dinner. The posts about the festival during the previous years will also give you an idea of some more dishes which are still available in the promotion menu.

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Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant

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