Haleem Trail: Green Park Hotel, Begumpet

Green Park Hotel is one of the places in Hyderabad which serves haleem round the year as part of their Midnight Biryani buffet. However, during Ramzan, the hotel puts up a stall in their campus, selling Iftar food from evening till 10 pm. Apart from haleem, a limited menu of paya, biryani and desserts are also available for takeaway, as well as delivered through Swiggy and Zomato.

I am a big fan of Green Park Hotel. I stay in the vicinity and often visit them for their Midnight Buffet (See: Midnight Buffet at Green Park Hotel), which is one of the sought after late night joints since the last two decades, steadily maintaining their popularity. Their haleem kiosk during Ramzan is another promotion which is loved by one and all.

The Haleem 

Green Park’s Boneless Mutton Haleem is definitely one of the better ones in the city. Though puritans have often scoffed at haleem without bones, I like the perfectly blended preparation with abundant meat and ghee. The hotel has high expertise in this dish as they prepare in all through the year, and have been able to maintain the consistency in taste over the years. Only on very few occasions during the twenty years, I have found the haleem not up to the mark. In 2018, on my three helpings on different days so far, I found the haleem here is a tad spicier than the earlier years. But, that seems to be the trend all across the city, sadly.

Green Park Haleem
The Haleem Takeaway Packaging

The ratio of meat to wheat is pretty decent and the level of spice is adequate. Everything is blended together to a porridge-like consistency. The amount of ghee used here is also less than conventional places.  We need to mix the garnishing of fried onions and a dash of lime on top before tasting. I personally enjoy my haleem with a bit more mint leaves in it.

The Special Haleem Counter during Ramzan
Overall the haleem is boneless, less oily, medium spicy but quite delicious. For the takeaway package fried onions, lemon wedges are also provided in the haleem. Overall the packaging, which has been specially designed, looks clean, hygienic and attractive.

For some people, who are particular about the hygiene factor of major haleem outlets, Green Park is a place where you can enjoy your haleem. A single haleem costs Rs 215, whereas a bigger full haleem is Rs 265.

Paya Shorba

The counter also sells other delicacies for Iftar. The Paya Shorba here is tried and tested from their popular Midnight Buffet. They also have three varieties of biryani and two varieties of desserts in the special menu. I have been a fan of Green Park biryani for long, and one should especially try out their super Mirchi ka Salan which comes with it. A special counter at Hotel Avasa, Madhapur also sells their haleem and other iftar products.

The Nicely Packaged Biryani
Location:  Green Park Hotel is itself a landmark on the Greenlands-Ameerpet Road. It is close to the Begumpet Flyover and Begumpet Metro Station

Disclaimer: The feedback and ratings are based on sampling on a particular day. In many such outlets taste is not consistent, and varies from day to day and branch to branch.

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