The New Menu at Farzi Café

It is less than a year since Farzi Café started operations in Hyderabad. In this short time, the restaurant offering contemporary and modern dishes, often with a touch of molecular gastronomy, has created quite a buzz in the city. The menu has been revamped quite a few times, bringing in delicious new dishes to provide variations to the loyal customers.

The latest menu at the restaurant stresses more on bringing in a contemporary version of quite a few local dishes from Telangana and other parts of South India, apart from introducing a few deconstructed versions of global dishes as well. And to top it all, the presentation of the dishes are as usual an absolute delight.

Edamame Hummus with Kori Roti Crisp

The tapas has been enriched by the addition of quite a few vegetarian dishes. Edamame Hummus with Kori Roti Crisp marries the Japanese beans into the cuisine around the Mediterranean Sea, to be enjoyed with a crisp Mangalorean bread. The green coloured hummus tastes brilliant here.

Aloo Samosa Pinwheel Chaat

Aloo Samosa Pinwheel Chaat is another innovation with the samosa shaped like a pinwheel. The upper crust seems slightly hard, but the overall combo works out well. Spinach and Ricotta Kulcha has baby bread stuffed with the cheese and greens, served with a little bit of beetroot and garlic cream.

Spinach and Ricotta Kulcha (Top) and Kadak Mutton Seekh

The non-vegetarian short eats introduced in this menu are quite impressive. My pick is the Kadak Mutton Seekh, stuffed with herbed cheese. The mince in the seekh and the masala are well in sync providing an extremely balanced taste. The Pickled Prawn is another well thought-out recipe, as tanginess supplements the seafood well.

Pickled Prawn (Top) and Karivapaku Kodi Vepudu

As mentioned earlier, quite a few new items are inspired from the South Indian kitchen. Karivapaku Kodi Vepudu has Andhra style chicken served with curry leaf foam. Teliacherry Chicken Tikka is a dish from Tamil Nadu, served with pomegranate pachadi. Both the items will do well with the local food lovers.

Teliacherry Chicken Tikka (Top) and Burmese Khausuey

Burmese Khausuey has been introduced on the menu. The distinct coconut dominated taste of the broth was quite enjoyable. A bit more of condiments perhaps would have been an icing on the cake.

Gongura Chicken Kura

Continuing the local theme in the main courses, we have Gongura Chicken Kura, the green gravy from Andhra Pradesh coupled with garlic and dhania kulcha. With the desired “khattapan” the dish would have done great with rice too.  The Nellore Chepala Pulusu has a very tangy gravy but the overall taste is very good, especially with the herb rice served with it. This is one of my recommendations from the menu.

Nellore Chepala Pulusu (Top) and Mamsam Pulao

Mamsam Pulao with shredded mutton and served like a Nasi Goreng with a fried egg on top is another must-have dish here. In fact, a good idea will be to head to Farzi Café and try all the contemporary South Indian dishes.

Farzified Sambar Rice Risotto (Top) and Butter Chicken Biryani

The well-spiced Farzified Sambar Rice Risotto has chunky boneless chicken pieces in it.  Butter Chicken Biryani, another fusion dish, is presented well with a macaron with butter chicken filling on top, and the gravy at the bottom below a bed of rice. You need to mix the dish well before eating.

Meethi Makai Mac N Cheese (Top) and Summer Vegetable Kofta

The vegetarian main courses, Meethi Makai Mac N Cheese and the Summer Vegetable Kofta with a sweetish gravy are par for the course.

Red Velvet Bebinca (Top) and Qubani Custard with Apricot ice cream

We try two desserts and I loved both of them. The colourful Red Velvet Bebinca looks very attractive and is served with a delicious tender coconut ice cream.  Qubani Custard with Apricot ice cream is interesting, a tweak on the popular Hyderabadi meetha.

Overall, some very interesting items with innovation on the pairing, preparation and presentation without sacrificing the traditional taste. The chef team has done a brilliant job in most of the dishes. This initiative will definitely please the regular clientele looking for something new.

Farzi Café
1200, Road 59
Jubilee Hills

Telephone: 91000 68325

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant

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