Eat Street Asia at Marriott Hyderabad

The street food from the Orient, especially from the countries of South-East Asia, had been great attractions for me when I visited these countries. The atmosphere in some of the hawker street food markets had been electric and the diversity of dishes made the experience even more enriching.

Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre is replicating the environment at Eat Street Asia, a festival showcasing the street food from Asian countries. The festival held at Okra from 1st to 10th September is only for dinner and has live counters dishing out street delicacies from the Orient.

At a preview of the festival for media and bloggers, a banquet hall in the hotel was transformed into a busy street food area with multiple kiosks serving out different delicacies. Plastic tables and red stools which are so typical of these food courts were available for seating. A live band was playing in the background adding to the fun.

Green Dragon

In all, there were a dozen counters. The “Bubble Bar” set up near the entrance was serving select drinks from the region. The names of the drinks were interesting like Jungle Bird, Asian Hawkers and Asian Spice. I tried two Beefeater based drinks Green Dragon and Night Market and loved them both.

Next was the kiosk named “Laksa King” serving the signature broth so popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The stall had veg, seafood as well as mushroom versions of the dish. The coconut milk laden seafood version worked well for me.

Noodles”, the next counter was serving a variety of noodles preparations. But I was more attracted to “Roti Canai”. Roti Canai is a popular Malay snack, influenced by the Indian paratha. It is said that the initial Tamil labourers who migrated to the Malay Peninsula took this dish from India, and it became part of their cuisine. The roti prepared here was devoured with a sweetish coconut broth, as well as pickled onions, carrots and cucumber.

Grilled Prawns (Top) and Roti Canai

Fillet and Release” had a humongous amount of seafood on display, from Pomfret and prawns to octopus. I had some prawns grilled on sticks and enjoyed with a side of rice. My next stop was the “Tempura Station” serving the Japanese delicacy from prawns, squids and octopus.

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng, the Indonesian stir-fried rice is already quite popular in India. “Rumah Nasi Goreng” (rumah means house in Indonesian) was the go-to kiosk for this. The fried rice delicacy served with chicken on sticks and covered by a sunny-side-up egg lived up to its reputation.

There were two more stalls in the row “Lil Dimsum”, which served mushroom, chicken and seafood versions of the popular snack with some fiery chilli sauce, as well as “Fried Chicken” which was serving crumb fried versions of boneless chicken slices. This stall was also making the signature Thai red curry with chicken.

Wok” a big kiosk was serving four main courses. The lamb curry was to my liking, while the minced chicken dish was quite good too. “Pisang Oppa”, the dessert stall was serving fried bananas true to its name. It also had Tap Tim Sams and some pastries and brownies for a sweet ending to the experience.

One has to complement Executive Chef Aungshuman Chakraborty and his team for putting up some excellent fare, most of which have maintained the traditional taste. A big thumbs up to the Marriott team for recreating the ambience of a hawker’s street from South-East Asia which definitely augmented the overall experience. The festival will be held at Okra as part of the dinner buffet, with a disclaimer that all the stalls may not be available every day. Still, it will be a worthwhile experience for the street food lovers of Hyderabad.

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Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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