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Readers of my blog know that I have a deep connect with Kolkata, the city of my birth, where I had spent the first seventeen years of my life. I still visit the city quite a few times every year, and through firsthand experience as well as via food lovers there, maintain my strong interest in the food and beverages scene out there.

Now, Kolkata is the city for tea connoisseurs and there are quite a few tea bars and niche places serving some top class tea, especially the Darjeeling variety. While returning from my trips there, packs of good tea definitely feature in my luggage. And it is in this connection that I came to know of Karma Kettle when I visited the city last, as the providers of a wide range of best quality tea with a tea room in Ballygunge.

Karma Kettle (http://www.karmakettle.com/) prides themselves as providers of artisan tea, where different types of tea from Indian and international location are sourced, and blended varieties are created from these using pure herbs, spices, and fruits.  Some of the location-specific varieties of leaf tea from them are Benares (masala chai), Batasia (Darjeeling tea from a single estate), Great Wall (Chinese green tea), Gulmarg (Kashmiri Kahwa) and Mount Fuji (Genmaicha tea from Japan).  Another niche range from them is the Kolkata Series – with variants such as Lebu Cha (signature lemon tea of the city), Nolen Gur and Khejur (date jaggery of Bengal), and Paan Chai.

Karma Kettle has a range of premium teabags (https://karmakettle.com/product-category/pyramids-teabag/) with some excellent flavours of blended tea. Few popular products here are Green Tea with Lychee and Rose, as well as Matcha Mandarin Chinese Green Tea. Among the niche offerings, the Ancient Healing Collection looked interesting to me, like the Aswagandha Tea and Organic Moringa Tea with extract from Moringa flower.

Iced Teas are a rage among young people, and Karma Kettle has products also in this segment. There is Tahiti, a caffeine-free fruity infusion, Blue Lagoon – an iced lemongrass tea, Savanna – Apple Roibos Tea and Pina Colada – the tropical variation.

I have had the occasion to try out quite a few products from Karma Kettle in recent times. The two traditional teas which I love from their repertoire are both Darjeeling black teas – First Flush and Second Flush. For the uninitiated, the first flush tea consists of the first pluckings from a tea estate at the start of the harvest season sometime around March.  Being the early leaves, the tea is extremely fresh and light, and this variant is usually the most flavourful as well as expensive.

The second flush which is usually picked around May yield more mature leaves, being relatively full-bodied and with a smooth taste. Tea connoisseurs usually have preferences for the first two flushes of teas, and thus these are the most sought after. At Karma Kettle, the best quality of First Flush and Second Flush leaf teas are available for you.

Among the tea variants from China, Canton is one that deserves a mention. It is a black tea of the Lapsang Souchong variety.  This is sometimes known as smoked tea, as the tea is smoke-dried over pinewood fires. This variety is known for its darker colour and smoky aroma. It is a favourite of people who like strongly brewed tea concoctions.

My favourites from the pyramid teabag range are Dawn, a low caffeine English breakfast tea, and Batasia (from a single estate near Darjeeling). Big Ben, an Earl Grey variety Assam tea with rose petal flavours is also worth having a look.

Karma Kettle has something for all kinds of tea enthusiasts. For lovers of traditional tea, you have blends from Darjeeling, Assam as well as South India, as well as select international tea varieties. For the health conscious there is the healing and wellness range.  Apart from these, they have the iced tea range as well as the tea from select international locations such as China, Japan, and South Africa as well as experiential varieties of tea such as Nolen Gur and Khejur tea, and Highland Tea with coconut and kokum.

Karma Kettle Products at Q-Mart Gachibowli

These exclusive tea blends from Karma Kettle are available all over India through Amazon and Bigbasket. The company has also recently forayed into Hyderabad, with many of their varieties being made available at Q-Mart Gachibowli.  You can also visit their web site https://karmakettle.com/  to order your favourite tea from them.

Note: Some pics for the article are courtesy Karma Kettle

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