Ramzan Food Map around Charminar

For a food lover, a visit to the old city is a must during the month of Ramzan especially in the evenings after the Iftar prayers. A huge number of makeshift stalls add to the permanent shops in the bustling Charminar area, where all kinds of Iftari food items are sold apart from clothes and ornaments. Quite a few Ramzan food trails are organized in this area by food experts, but with a little bit of knowledge and information, even the common food lovers can plan their own food walks with their friends and family.  Most of the food walks touch almost the same places will very little variation.

The food trail can be started from either end of Charminar, but I prefer to directly proceed to Shah Ghouse at Shah-Ali-Banda to have one of the most popular haleems of Hyderabad.  Shah Ghouse is known for its spicy food, and the haleem here is no exception with a strong aftertaste of hot chillies. The initial hunger pangs being satiated, we can walk down almost a kilometer towards Charminar and reach Pista House, the biggest name in haleem business with a huge fan following. This haleem is usually more balanced and has a decent amount of meat in it.

After two haleems one needs a change of taste, and Matwale Doodh Ghar close by is one of the best places for falooda and lassi in the old city. We usually try their special falooda. Our next stop is Al-Akbar the popular Chicken 65 outlet near Mecca Masjid, where we enjoy the fiery red coloured but succulent chicken pieces with paratha and ginger chutney.

Charminar is just a few hundred metres away and we always stop for some time here, soaking in the ambience.  Hundreds of street carts sell many wares and we take time to look at some of them. You get some very good quality dates and other dry fruits in these carts, and I usually buy some here to carry home. The legendary Nimra CafĂ© is the next place to visit, where we enjoy their Irani chai with Osmania, Chand and other varieties of biscuits, clicking a selfie with Charminar in the background.

For a kabab enthusiast, there are two places just across Charminar, which we usually try. Hotel Shahran near Machli Kaman serves some brilliant Mutton Seekh, whereas the hole in the wall Kabab-E-Jahangiri is the place to visit for the beef version.

By now, we are usually quite full but I will still advise making two more stops. Shadab Hotel near Madina building also serves some very good haleem and their biryani is also one of the best in the town. You can end the meal with their signature falooda. Hotel Nayaab, a short walk away from Shadab is known for its offal preparations like bheja, gurda as well as some typical Hyderabadi malai paya.

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The food outlets mentioned by me are the main ones visited during evenings. Apart from these, there are many smaller places in the neighbourhood worth a look in, and every year some really good new ones do pop up. But to experience that, one needs to make multiple trips to this area.  Another of my favourite areas for Ramzan food walk is Tolichowki. We will talk about that in detail some other time.

Note: This is an updated version of the article originally published in New Indian Express Hyderabad on 9th June 2018.

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