Ten New Restaurants in Hyderabad to Make a Mark in 2017

There was a boom in the number of new entrants to the food and beverages scene in Hyderabad. During the last year, more than a hundred new places opened their doors in the city. Few old ones closed down too. Here are my picks from the many new restaurants that I visited last year.  This list is not in any particular order.

Quattro Ristorante

One of the vegetarian restaurants to make a mark this year.  A branch of their popular Mumbai outlet, presentation of their food and drinks and molecular gastronomy are their forte.  Minestrone Tea Set, Jalapeno Queso, Tex Mex Loaded Skin and the variety in their Enchiladas are their highlights. I love their classic Caesar salad. Deconstructed Tres Leches among the desserts is a hit.

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Mocha Bar

A restaurant from Riyaz Amlani’s Impresario group, the newly started branch at Jubilee Hills has a wonderful ambience. They have some designer drinks like Jaali Whisky and Moscow Mule. Lebanese Key-Bab Platter, Galli ka Nalli Nihari and Khaw Suey are some the dishes that can be tried here. Do not miss their Rasmalai Cheese Cake

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Easily the most successful new vegetarian restaurant of 2017.  Start with their Hot Toddy mocktail.  Kamalkakdi Ke Galauti is one of the best veg versions of the famed kabab that I have tried. Smoked Paneer Tikka, Jalapeno Poppers, and Cannelloni Florentine are some dishes which are recommended. End the meal with Pantantra, their paan flavoured ice cream

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Kebab Stories

If you are looking for great food from Punjab and beyond, especially North-West Frontier, this is the place for you. Raan-E-Zaika and Murgh Kandahari are their signature dishes. Try the Mutton Shifta kabab and Dahi Wale Paya. If you can get a group together, go for their whole goat dish Dum Dumba. For desserts, Leb-E-Shireen and Gulathi are very good.

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The famous South African chain serving Portuguese dishes opened their outlet at Forum Mall.  Flamed Grilled Chicken is their most coveted dish, with peri-peri sauces varying from mild to very hot.  I recommend their Espetadas and Chicken Liver with Port Roll

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A welcome addition to the buffet scene in Hyderabad.  Their MediterrAsian buffet has a huge spread with lots of live counters to please everybody.  The Food Shot Counter and Big O counters deserve a special mention. They usually have some great crab dishes among the starters and main courses.

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An organic restaurant with a difference, they have some great non-vegetarian items on the menu. While they are the only place in Hyderabad to offer Kadaknath Chicken, their fighter cock, organic prawns from Sunderbans and crabs from Chilika Lake are very special dishes too. For vegetarians, their paneer from A2 cow milk is a good dish to try.

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Ulavacharu at Gachibowli

The new branch at Gachibowli has quite a large seating capacity and brings in good Andhra food to the locality. Apart from their Raju Gari Pulav, it serves all their well-known dishes like Konaseema Kodi Vepudu, Tandoori Korameenu and Natu Kodi Pulusu. It is one of the best places to try Junnu, the Telangana cow milk pudding

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Kritunga – The Palegar’s Cuisine

From the Kritunga group, this is a new restaurant in Gachibowli serving cuisine of Andhra chieftains. They have a very interesting new dish.  Mamsam Kritunga Sangati, a one-pot fusion dish with Ragi Mudda and Mutton combo is really worth a try. They also serve all the dishes Kritunga is known for such as Kamju Fry, Nalla Miryala Kodi Vepudu and Natu Kodi Pulusu with Rag Sangati.

Farzi Café

Farzi Café, the molecular gastronomy and table theatrics pioneer from Massive Restaurants opened here in the fag end of the year. Their strength lies in maintaining the authenticity of their food while excelling in the presentation. Mishti Doi Spheres, Dal Gosht Open Face, Bheja Fry with Black Appam, Shawarma Biryani and Galouti Burgers are some of my recommendations here.

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