Jivati turns Non-Vegetarian and How!

Jivati Organic Restaurant had been serving organic vegetarian food in Hyderabad for about a year now. Their organic store is also a must visit for anyone interested in health food. However, for me, the most interesting has been their recent makeover to Jivati Restro, a fine dining place serving non-vegetarian food too. You may ask me what is so great about it. The answer lies in some exclusive stuff they are offering – choice items from all over India.

To start with, I was extremely impressed with their Natu Kodi or country chicken. The country chickens which is usually available around us are hybrid ones, a cross between a broiler and desi chicken. Though they look desi on the outside, inside it is of the hybrid variety. Jivati organic provides three varieties of chicken – the actual country chicken (non-hybrid), fighter fowl and Kadaknath chicken of Madhya Pradesh.

The tandoori country chicken preparation known as Burra Kabab at Jivati is not to be missed. The marinade is a bit different with the addition of ingredients such as nutmeg and asafoetida, and the chicken is healthy with taut flesh perfectly cooked in a clay oven. It is definitely one of the better ones in Hyderabad.

Natu Kodi Burra Kabab
Natu Kodi Burra Kabab

The fighter cock, known as Pandem Kodi locally, is quite well-built with the tougher flesh tasting almost like mutton. As a single live bird retails for Rs 4000 and above, a plate at Jivati costs around Rs 600. The fighter fowl is sourced from areas of Andhra Pradesh such as Tadepalligudam and Araku Valley.

Fighter Cock
Pandem Kodi or Fighter Cock

I had already written about Kadaknath Chicken earlier. (Read here). The black fowl from Madhya Pradesh has therapeutic properties and is in huge demand all over India. The feathers, beak, flesh and even the bones of the chicken are black in colour. Jivati has two preparations of this chicken – an Andhra Style Pulusu and a Kashmiri Style Kukkad.

Chilika Crabs
Chilika Crabs

The prawns offered by them are also certified organic. In normal aquaculture produced prawns, the medicines added to make the prawns grow faster have many harmful effects. Certified organic prawns are available only in three places in the world, and Jivati gets it from Sunderbans in West Bengal, from an Indo-German project. In their dish Jhinga Zafrani they cook these prawns in a saffron and yoghurt based marinade.

Kadaknath Chicken
Kadaknath Chicken

And finally the crabs. Chilika lake in Odisha has perhaps the best variety of Green crabs, and the large crabs at Jivati are directly sourced from there. The crab-based dishes available are Tawa Crab and a Coconut based Crab Curry. Recently they had a crab festival showcasing more crab based recipes.

Sourcing healthy food is a major strength of this restaurant. Even the lamb, fish and other non-veg items are carefully selected from suppliers breeding in non-polluted environments.

Punjabi Paneer Makhani

Vegetarians need not be disappointed too. The paneer in their Punjabi Paneer Makhani is from A2 cow milk, sans the harmful A1 proteins. This is sourced from Jammu area. They also have another exclusive dish called Bharwan Aloo. The potato dish stuffed with cheese and dry fruits were loved by all. It uses organic potatoes from Gujarat.

One dish I plan to try there is their Lobster Chilli Garlic, using huge lobsters and priced around Rs 2500. The prices of dishes based on organic products are always higher due to obvious reasons. However, Jivati strives to bring the prices within reach of food lovers through efficient sourcing.

While at the restaurant, do not forget visiting their selection of organic food at a store inside the restaurant. They have a huge variety of products and I am sure you will find something that you like. I am a fan of their Amla juice which I had picked up from there.

Jivati Restro
Plot No 11, Road No 36, Jubilee Hills (above SBI Jubilee Hills branch)
Hyderabad 500033
Telephone: 91005 88830

Disclaimer: The review is based on an invite from the restaurant.

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